Infallible pair: serenity and quartz

Infallible pair: serenity and quartz

Pantone Blue Serenity and Pink Quartz as colors of the year 2016! The double is a grace and will surely inspire you when setting up a super special decoration:



Photo 1 – Brabbu / Photo 2 – Chalet Morro das Hortênsias

The dishes in these shades are super delicate and compose very well! In addition to making the decor romantic, these crockery lasts forever and you can mix them with other pastel shades like water green and a more faint yellow. It is a grace!



Photo 1 – Studio Kitchen of Naples / Photo 2 – Lux Pad

Who likes a very delicate decoration, can dare even more! These shades in environments look amazing! The kitchen gets a romantic touch – I love it! You can also use a rug that has at least one color and has furniture in the other shade!

Objects and furniture


Photo 1 – Pinterest / Photo 2 – Brit Morin

The easiest way to mix the shades of the year is the composition of furniture and objects. You can choose the shade you like best to paint the wall or renovate the sofa. Then just complete the decoration with the objects of the other color!

Where to find?


  1. Cushion / Oppa
  2. Clock / Valentina’s House
  3. Puff / Collector 55
  4. Pink and blue lights / Collector 55
  5. Candles / Valentina’s House

Do you think you can invest in decoration?

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