Influencers Most Remembered by the Public

Influencers Most Remembered by the Public

I never thought that a news story could motivate me so much in terms of work! It is not new that digital influencers, in general, are gaining more and more space due to the reach of the public. It is logical that for us, content producers, this is quite a piece of news, but it gets even better when it is proven by research!
In the last few days, Paulo and I were surprised by a news that we read about the subject in the Medium and Message – by the way, we even gave an interview for the vehicle last year, remember?

THE QualiBest Institute conducted a survey in March of that year with young people aged 20 to 29 from all walks of life. There were 700 participants in the entire study and digital influencers were highlighted, after all, they are considered the second source of information for decision making when purchasing a product. The information was cited by the director-general of the Institute, Daniela Malouf, in the interview for Meio e Mensagem – to check more data it is worth reading the full article by clicking here.
That would be great news in itself, but the best thing was that the Institute also made a ranking of most remembered influencers by the public. To our surprise and happiness, I appeared in first place into two categories: cooking / gastronomy, with 5%, and travel, with 3%!
Influencers Most Remembered by the Public
I had already talked about it in my stories, but I couldn’t help but thank each subscriber / follower who follows and trusts us so much! Aah, and it’s worth mentioning that women dominated the ranking, okay? Whoever wants to know more, it is also worth reading the articles in ID Creators and not all ?
I hope to come back here with more news like this soon and thank you for all the love always!

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