Influenza, heart attack, damage to the brain: the consequences of influenza can be so bad!

Influenza, heart attack, damage to the brain: the consequences of influenza can be so bad!

Germany is currently being hit by a strong flu wave. Doctors not only criticize the recommended flu vaccine, but also warn of the possible dire consequences of persistent influenza.

Germany is currently firmly under control of the flu epidemic. In the south and east of the country in particular, there are many people affected by influenza to complain about. More than 23,000 flu cases and 136 flu deaths were confirmed by the Robert Koch Institute by the third week of February.

Neurological diseases caused by influenza viruses

Affected people are tied to bed for days or even weeks due to their complaints. But that’s not all. As researchers have now found out, the flu viruses can still have a severe impact on the body and, above all, the brain, months after the illness has been overcome.

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Outbreak of flu 2018
Influenza B – the Yamagata virus is now threatening our health!

The Yamagata flu virus is spreading in Germany. You can find out here how dangerous the Yamagata flu really is.

Accordingly, the Technical University of Braunschweig found out in the course of a study that viral infections can promote or even trigger neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or depression. It is also possible that flu viruses cause limitations in learning and memory tasks as well as structural changes in nerve cells. As “” writes according to a researcher, the recovery process for a person would take several years.

Vaccine ineffective?

To protect themselves from the dangerous influenza, many patients get vaccinated against the stubborn flu pathogen in advance. But doctors criticize the flu ingredient because it is simply ineffective, as Tobias Welte, director of the MHH Clinic for Pneumology in Hanover, explains to “”. In his opinion, a vaccine was given that was wrong and inadequate.

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Stay healthy
The 2018 flu wave – how you can still protect yourself now

As in every winter, a wave of flu is spreading in Germany this year. You can read here how strong this is currently and how you can best prevent infection.

Welte also warns that the flu viruses could attack the heart. This in turn could have fatal consequences, especially for the elderly and children with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. The influenza viruses also increase the risk of a heart attack many times over.

Don’t get sick now! In the following video we show you a simple trick that makes the immune booster ginger even more effective:

Ginger against colds - a simple trick makes the tuber even more effective

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