Insects in the decor? Yes!

Insects in the decor?  Yes!

Some trends may actually seem strange at first. The insect objects in the decoration drew attention at CASACOR in São Paulo this year and, as Henrique and Nath from @ apartamento_203 spoke in this video, this style of print and print has really been with everything for a few years.

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Of course, you won’t be spreading insect miniatures around the house just because it’s fashionable, right? However, there is a way cool and unpretentious to bring the trend delicately into the decor.
The prints of butterflies, dragonflies and bees are beautiful and weigh nothing in the environment. You can invest in pillows, comics, crockery, mega charming hooks and even wallpapers! Beetles, which also appear too much in this trend, can end up in a smaller frame or in miniature on a side table ?

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