Inspiration For Monochrome Décor!
Inspiration for monochrome decor

Inspiration For Monochrome Décor!

There are those who say that the monochromatic decor is a bit nauseating, but I confess that I think this style is amazing! The bathroom of our producer, for example, is all black and with some golden details. Depending on the color chosen, the environment can gain a super sophisticated air or a more delicate appearance.
It is important to remember that the tone of the walls changes the way we perceive places, as we explained in another post. For this reason, plan carefully how you want a particular room so that nothing is too different from what you imagined.

Photo: White Five Designs

To achieve an even better result, be sure to explore the nuances of the chosen base color. In addition, the main tone can (and should!) Be combined with some more neutral touches in the decor. This play of contrasts between light and dark is ideal to make the room even more modern.


The gray decor is perfect for discreet people. Because it is not a vibrant color or even flashy, gray allows you to make wonderful combinations with white and black, which are still variations in color.
If you want a more contemporary atmosphere with a rustic feel, how about a burnt cement wall? It works in different environments in the home / office, from bedrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Light wood tones are also very welcome to break the monotony of gray ?


Do you dream of a super cozy bedroom or living room? If so, bet on dark blue tones to compose a very welcoming environment. Although darker colors give the impression that the space is smaller, this is the ideal option for those who want to feel that warmth when entering the place.
Black also has this same effect, so it is worth investing in these two shades. Do not forget to add some points of light in the decoration, such as mirrors, plants, metallic objects or lighter shades of color in other items.


Photos: @glossier and Oras Bolas Design

Pink is usually associated with more delicate spaces, so it goes well with rooms. Still, there are no rules when it comes to choosing a color for a particular environment. Rooms and bathrooms are other great places to use pink tones.
One way to harmonize the environment with other shades of color is by using rosé gold for some decorative items. By having this more metallic characteristic, he manages to leave the space with a more interesting organization.


Like blue and black, dark green also has the power to make the environment look smaller. The lighter shades of that color, however, can be used to create an atmosphere more connected to nature. In both cases, plants are a must. You can be sure that they will make all the difference in the final composition of the place!
Textures such as bricks or foliage wallpapers can also be incorporated. However, be careful not to make the decor too loaded and overdone. Opt for some metallic or neutral decoration objects, such as a white lamp or golden pendant lamps.


Photos: Hello Hoku and Interior Much With Sabia

The absence of color is also an incredible style to be followed. Many people end up linking all white environments to minimalism. But, you don’t need to be adept at this lifestyle to want a space that isn’t too colorful. In fact, the room can have several decorative elements, all of which end up following a more basic pattern of shades.
One of the main advantages of white spaces and furniture with the same color is the impression that it is bigger. If your room is small, for example, abuse white! As in other cases, touches of color make all the difference. A single vase can transform the décor ?
These are just some of the colors that can be used to create monochromatic environments. More vibrant tones like red and yellow, for example, make the spaces beautiful – as long as they are harmoniously combined!

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