Inspiration: functional lobby

Inspiration: functional lobby

As a good Virgo, I like to have everything in the same place, without mess. My home is the place where I care most about organization and that is why it is essential to divide the spaces well and think about the functionality of each of the environments. The entrance hall, for example, is usually a half-dead space in many people’s houses or apartments, but it is possible to transform it into a very beautiful and practical room!

Photo – Lemon in Water

When we enter the house, the first thing we think about is taking what is not necessary: ​​jackets, shoes, bags, umbrellas … Even on pool and beach days we need a little place to hang towels and bags, right? All these pieces and accessories can be located right at the entrance of the house without disturbing the space in any way.

For those with little space


Photos – VMJ Ferreira | Westwing Magazine | Portal Home | Thony | Atelier de Curiosité | Home and Garden | Design Milk | Design Sponge

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