Inspiration: Make carnaval!

Inspiration: Make carnaval!

Carnival is just around the corner and you already know what you’re going to dress up for? I can guarantee that a good makeup is already worth more than a lot of fantasy out there, especially in the street blocks!

Mermaid style


Photo – Beauty Dia

Nothing better than a lot of sequins and glitter for the carnival, right?

Little stars


Photo – Fashionismo

It doesn’t even need much! Silver stars and lighting in the inner corner of the eyes!

In the corner


Photo – The Findings of Bia

I love sequins and glitter in just one part, right in the corner! This make-up looks great on those who have bangs, but if you don’t have it you can bet on the shine in the top corner!



Foto – Tumblr Beauty Eternal

False eyelashes, a stroke well done with white pencil and lots of creativity!

Super glam


Photo – keep a secret

I loved this kind of Indian makeup! Super beautiful and you can play with hair and props!

Clean clean


Photos – Vogue

Even at carnival, it can be more basic! The glitter concentrated in the lower part of the eyes attracts a lot of attention! Finish with a thicker kitten outline, it looks amazing!



Picture – Dazed

This make up is from one of the last shows of one of my favorite designers: Vivianne Weatwood! It’s really doll, perfect for a super feminine costume or an Emilia!



Picture – Rio Etc

You can use lots of colors and glitter and stay fresh! Don’t focus the shine anywhere, spread it all over your body!

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