Inspirational books for International Women’s Day


Today is a day of struggle, isn’t it? International Women’s Day is gaining more and more importance (finally) and on such a significant date flowers are not enough. The day is for debate, the day is for reflection.


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For this moment, I decided to share with you some books that can inspire women and, of course, make more men understand that none of this feminism is mimimi – unfortunately, many people still think so, right?

Frida – A biography – Hayden Herrera

Starting with the story of an amazing artist and woman like Frida Kahlo is the best tip. I’m sure that anyone who knows more about her story will be even more enchanted with her many works.
In addition to feminism, Frida had a life of much struggle over political issues and caused much discomfort by breaking rules. She is much, much more than colorful pictures and thick eyebrows!

Women, race and class – Angela Davis

Angela Davis is one of the best known authors in the world and always raises very important debates on issues of gender, race and class (as her name says). After a long time, we are finally listening to talk more about black feminism and this is one of her flags.
For those who want to go deeper into the topic and do not know where to start, I am sure that this book is an excellent reference.

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