Inspirations For A Very Christmas Table!

Inspirations For A Very Christmas Table!

As the Christmas is already approaching, i’m sure many of you are running with the preparations for this very special date. Speaking of which, one of the most traditional moments of that day is, without a doubt, the time of supper. After all, whenever we talk about Christmas we think of the table set with various dishes and the family together.
If you are the person who receives visitors at home, I imagine that you are already thinking about how to decorate the table and leave it with a very Christmas face. To help you, I selected some items that are the face of Christmas and will make your supper even more beautiful.

Inspirations For A Very Christmas Table!

Photo: Cindy MCDermott via Pinterest

First of all, think about the colors that will be part of your table. The most classic are red, green and gold. You can use all of them in the decoration, or select only one, functioning as a “color guide”. If you want to innovate, shades of blue also match the date, especially when used with more metallic elements such as gold.

Table as a whole

To better decide how to set up the table, think of it as a whole. It is at this time that you must choose the colors to be used and which items will be part of the decoration. Small garlands, candles and flowers, for example, are a very simple and practical way to give the table a Christmas look. Completing the decor, spread some pine cones around the plates, I promise it will be very cute!
Towels are another essential detail to make an amazing supper. The most minimalist can choose a white towel, making greater use of colors in decorative objects. For those who enjoy warmer tones, use red to match the Christmas atmosphere!

Style on the plates

Inspirations For A Very Christmas Table!

Photos: Paulo Cuenca and Home Stories

We have to agree that a decorated dish or with a different detail makes all the difference, right? Following the Christmas theme, I suggest you use white sets with golden details, or even red dishes if you like a more striking decor.
Also in this topic are the dishes and dishes used to serve the sweet and savory. Be sure to use those with a Christmas face! My suggestion is that you mix more neutral dishes with others that have designs and prints that refer to the date, so that the composition of the table is well balanced and without exaggeration.

Charm for napkins

Many people end up leaving the napkins forgotten under the table, but they have the potential to become the protagonists of the decoration! Those who prefer a more basic assembly, for example, can use white plates and towels and, as a contrast, a decorated or colored napkin ring. For people with children at home, bet on rings of characters, mainly reindeer and Santa Claus ?
If you do not want to use this accessory, another option is to support the napkin inside the plate and decorate this arrangement with a mini garland or a small pine cone ornament, which can be done even at home. Anyway, the result of these two decorations is super charming and delicate.

Where to find?

Inspirations For A Very Christmas Table!
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