Instagram star “Healthy nutrition is the be-all and end-all”: Yvonne Pferderer on fitness and sugar

Instagram star “Healthy nutrition is the be-all and end-all”: Yvonne Pferderer on fitness and sugar

Nowadays we all consume far too much sugar and unfortunately we neglect more and more sport and daily exercise. Instagram star Yvonne Pferderer works together with “Rewe” to combat this phenomenon. On Marians Welt she gives tips on how to avoid sugar.

Instagram star Yvonne Pferderer inspires hundreds of thousands of people every day with her creative videos and posts. Together with the supermarket chain “Rewe”, she has now dedicated herself to the sugar reduction project. Marians Welt talked to the likeable Cologne woman about fitness, sport and nutrition.

Dear Yvonne, you also pay attention to your diet: What is particularly important to you? Do you follow a special concept?

Yvonne Pferdrer: I don’t believe in diets. A healthy, conscious and balanced diet is essential.

Why do you value a sugar-free diet?

I don’t completely avoid sugar, but I try to consume sugar in a controlled manner. So I mix B. my own spritzers or prefer to use honey for sweetening.

What’s your favorite recipe?

Sweet potato slices in a toaster with avocado dip

You recently posted your ten-year transformation on Facebook – what did it take for you to develop into the amazing woman you are today?

A conscious life. Everyone has their little vices – but the most important thing is to do what is good for body and soul. Small rewards are part of it.

By the way: will we soon be able to recognize and treat this terrible disease early?


Recognize dementia
Wow! Will there be a blood test for Alzheimer’s soon?

Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia and is often discovered late. As part of a new study, international researchers have now developed a method to diagnose the disease many years before it breaks out.

Can’t see the post? Then click here!

You recently launched a sports collection – what role does sports play in your life?

Sport has always played a very important role in my life. This is my greatest compensation to simply forget everything and take the time for yourself and your body.

How do you like to train?

I prefer to train in nature. Surfing, snowboarding, workouts on the beach with your own body weight.

Which do you prefer – cardio or muscle building?

A mixture of both. I attach great importance to variety in sport.

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