Instagram’s Gothic Confectioner

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Guys, can anyone tell me if this woman is real? I’ll explain: I open a news story that talks about a Gothic confectioner being successful on Instagram. I start to see the photos of this news and, with each one that passes, I keep my jaw more dropped. Then, at the end of the article, I realize that I am wide-eyed and static in front of the computer, thinking: “how can this woman be so wonderful, confection so well (and so frighteningly. artist, decorator and model?
Ah, guys, I don’t know. I just know that I accessed Christine McConnell’s Instagram account and was mesmerized by her work. The American has more than 105,000 followers and, every time, posts pictures of gothic cakes, spider-shaped cookies, waffle baskets from the apocalypse and so on, almost always inspirations from her idols Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Vincent Price and Paula Deen. In the middle of it all, some pictures of her as a model, sometimes in scenes from the 50s, sometimes in scenes from horror films.
Take a look:
gummy icing ickfd2 gummy icing ickfd3 gummy icing ickfd4 gummy icing ickfd5And now, Christine:
gummy icing ickfd1So, what do you think? He says that this woman does not seem to lie! Oh, well.

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