Intermittent fasting study: this is the best diet and it has a fountain of youth effect

Intermittent fasting study: this is the best diet and it has a fountain of youth effect

With intermittent fasting to the dream figure? New studies show that this is a good idea: The diet not only sheds pounds, but also keeps the body young. The best conditions for getting old healthy!

Intermittent fasting or intermittent fasting is based on the eating habits of people in the past: There was not always food available, which is why phases of food intake alternated with times of fasting.

Intermittent fasting simulates our biological eating habits. How long the fasting breaks last is not specified: There are approaches that start from 16 hours, others choose 24 hours and so on. A study by the University of Graz (Austria), which was published in the journal “Cell Metabolism”, chose 36 hours for its intervals.

Even the researchers should not have expected the results of the study: Intermittent fasting not only led to the main goal of every diet, a significant weight loss, but also showed some very positive side effects: Intermittent fasting also effectively built large amounts of the dangerous visceral fat – the fat reserves stored in the abdomen – from. This fat is considered to be a high risk factor for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. The conclusion of the researchers: Those who fast intermittently not only reduce their weight, but also their risk of heart attack and thus increase their life expectancy.

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Intermittent fasting
Lose weight according to a plan and without a diet – it works!

Lose weight without a diet? Intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight by skipping individual meals.

Intermittent fasting for six months or four weeks

The study by the research team led by the Graz molecular biologist and longevity researcher Slaven Stekovic selected around 100 people who were in the normal weight range for their experiments on the effectiveness of intermittent fasting.

Half of the subjects fasted under strict medical control of their blood and fat values ​​for six months. The rest of the study participants were divided into two further groups: 25 participants were also asked to do intermittent fasting, but for this group the experiment ended after four weeks. The remaining subjects served as the control group. Their eating habits remained unchanged and they ate normally throughout the entire period.

In the video we show you the advantages and disadvantages of the method!

Interval fasting: The new weight-loss method has these advantages and disadvantages

No risk, but measurable success with the most important body values

Positive effects were already detectable in the group of study participants who intermittently fasted for four weeks. In the group of test persons who changed their diet over six months, these were even more clearly detectable.

Every diet always carries a risk, for example that the bone density decreases due to the change in nutrients. However, the researchers could not prove any negative effects: Neither the group of those who fasted for six months nor the group of those who fasted for four weeks showed any signs of the onset of bone loss.

The study concludes that, on the one hand, intermittent fasting can be classified as nutritionally harmless, on the other hand, great success can be achieved with this method. On average, the participants lost around 3.5 kilograms in weight after just 4 weeks. That this weight loss was sustainable proves that the test subjects’ cholesterol levels fell and, above all, abdominal fat was reduced. Fat loss also had another positive side effect: when fatty acids are broken down in the liver, ketones are created. These are mood-enhancing and have anti-inflammatory effects.

Therapeutic fasting, therapeutic fasting lose weight, correct therapeutic fasting

With therapeutic fasting for a healthy and slim body?

Traditionally, people fast after the carnival – those who are religious do this to prepare for Easter. Occasional fasting is also good for the body and mind. We have the most important facts about therapeutic fasting for you.

Not all questions about intermittent fasting resolved

As impressive as the results of the Graz researchers are, all questions about intermittent fasting have not yet been answered. It is unclear whether the long fasting break of 36 hours – that’s 1.5 days after all – is possible over the long term. Further studies with shorter intervals are therefore planned.

Positive effects assured

However, it can be considered scientifically proven that intermittent fasting can be regarded as a fountain of youth for a limited period of time for people of normal weight. Overweight people benefit even more from the effects of this diet: they achieve weight loss in critical areas: their fat reserves on the stomach decrease, this improves their figure and reduces their risk of heart attack. Problematic fat deposits in the internal organs are also reduced bit by bit by intermittent fasting in overweight people.

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