International Destinations for Spring Lovers

International Destinations for Spring Lovers

I know, I know … There are still some good months to come before spring in Brazil, but in the northern hemisphere it will arrive on March 21st. That’s why I decided to share with you some of the most incredible places in the world that are worth visiting in this wonderful season.
Although this is a great time to get to know any place, there are some corners that are even more charming in the hottest season of the year ?


International Destinations for Spring Lovers

Photo: Paulo Cuenca (full look)

Some say that visiting Paris at this time is an unforgettable experience and I really have to agree. However, the ideal French region to visit this season is Provence. Pleasant temperatures, flowery medieval cities, less busy streets… There are so many good points!
Not to mention lavender fields, right? If you want to visit these places, my advice is to go in late spring, in June, when the flowers start to become more purple.


International Destinations for Spring Lovers

Photo: Not Jess Fashion

I think Italy as a whole could be on that list, but the Tuscan region with its sunflower fields is really unbeatable! The Italian summer is very, very hot so the milder seasons are always better alternatives. In addition to strolling through fields and flowery cities, take the opportunity to explore the museums of Florence, which tend to be a little more empty at that time.
Aah, also avoid booking the trip at Easter because the region receives many tourists, including Italians themselves. Another very positive point of the cities of Tuscany is the possibility to relax in the thermal springs scattered around the area – the Saturnia region is one of the best known there.


International Destinations for Spring Lovers

Photo: Tourism in the Netherlands

Holland, also known as the land of tulips, deserves a visit during this period. Especially between mid-March and May, the fields are even more beautiful. The whole country is full of flowers and the explosion of colors is inevitable, however, I chose to talk about the Park Keukenhof because it not only has huge fields of tulips, it is also just 30 minutes from Amsterdam ?
Paulo and I even went to visit the place in 2016 and to check our experience there just click here! But for those looking for an attraction within the Dutch capital itself, it’s worth taking a bike ride Vondelpark.


International Destinations for Spring Lovers

Photo: Fish and feathers

Mallorca and Menorca were two islands that won our hearts, after all, you know how much Paulo and I like natural landscapes, right? Menorca, mainly, is tiny but super charming and the flowers give all the charm to the place.
My advice is to go more in late spring, in June, because the temperatures get higher and you can enjoy the sea.


International Destinations for Spring Lovers

Photo: Praga FM

Yes, Prague is a much more urban city, but no less charming this season. As the great charm of the region is its historic streets and buildings, spring is the ideal time to walk peacefully through the streets. Not to mention that Prague is full of wonderful parks, like the Petřín it’s the Stromovka, it is essential to know the gardens of the “Castelo da Praga” that open to the public in April.


International Destinations for Spring Lovers

Photo: Only in your state

You may not even imagine it, but the small town of Malcon, in Georgia, is the cherry capital of the world. I know that Japan usually receives the title, but this small town less than 140km from Atlanta has no less than 350,000 cherry trees. This is a pleasant surprise, right? The place is so famous for its flowering trees that in the early spring there is always a thematic Festival.


International Destinations for Spring Lovers

Photo: The Best Road Trip

Also in the United States, but now in California, it is worth taking a few days to get to know Yosemite National Park. There are more than 3,000 km² of protected area with giant redwoods, mountains, canyons, incredible waterfalls … For those who like trails and nature, this is an unmissable tour in the United States. Of course, in the spring, when the temperatures are higher and everything is more flowery, the tour is even more pleasant.


International Destinations for Spring Lovers

Photo: Ryosuke Yagi

I had even mentioned Japan here on the list, after all, it is impossible not to think about the country when we talk about flowers and more specifically cherry trees. The tree is really a national symbol and is spread across the country, but I decided to talk about Kyoto. In addition to being a region of easy access and with numerous attractions for tourists (temples and palaces abound there), the city is one of the first to be in full bloom at the end of March.
Higher temperatures and dry weather are also great spots to consider visiting the country in the spring!
I know that there are thousands more charming cities and regions in the spring, but it would be impossible to list them all here, right? But of course I’d love to know which places you’ve visited and are worth it at this time of year ?

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