“Is it really important?” The boy puts notes on his mother’s scales, who weighs herself every day

“Is it really important?” The boy puts notes on his mother's scales, who weighs herself every day

Because a mother of two from Australia wanted to lose weight, she stood on the scales every day and checked her weight – until she suddenly found a touching message from her son.

Kelly McCarron (35) and her husband Ruairi (37) had one goal: They wanted to lose weight together to do something for their health. The couple from Perth in Australia have put this plan into practice since the beginning of the year. The 35-year-old and her husband regularly exercise and eat healthier. In order to achieve even faster results, they try to eat at intervals – that is, only eat eight hours a day and take a break for the other 16 hours.

Mother cut her weight in half

For your daughter’s wedding
Mother cut her weight in half

Angela England suffered from her body weight for years. But for her daughter’s wedding, she dared to take the step of total transformation.

Touching message from your son

“I’ve gained nine pounds in the past two years. I know that I am not obese, but I would like to go back to my old self, “says the mother of two, explaining her decision.

But she wasn’t really happy with it. As “dailymail.co.uk” writes, Kelly, who initially weighed 64 kilograms, stepped on the scales every day to check her weight loss success. Although the 35-year-old knew she was overdoing it, she just couldn’t help but suddenly found a message from her 12-year-old son Jack that made her think again.

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Message caused a rethink

Kelly was initially surprised when one day Jack and his younger sister Ayla suddenly started helping around the house – something they had never done before. The next day, when Kelly was about to weigh herself again, she suddenly found a note on her scales that asked, “Is this really important?” The twelve-year-old had written the note after he had noticed how much his own Mother torments herself.

Kelly was immediately touched by her son’s message. She suddenly realized that it is totally unimportant to determine your own weight every day and that she only did it because she was uncomfortable. Kelly didn’t throw away the piece of paper, but left it on the scales and kept reminding herself that her weight didn’t matter at all, but that she had to feel good in her body in the end.

Touching gesture: woman discovers message on 5 euro note - now she is urgently looking for the owner

Touching words
Woman discovers a message on a 5 euro note – now she is urgently looking for the owner

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His note really helped me feel better. I don’t have to lose weight. I’m just striving to lead a healthier life, “says Kelly today. The 35-year-old now takes pictures and documents how her body changes with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

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