Is it worth going to Carlo’s Bakery in São Paulo?

Is it worth going to Carlo's Bakery in São Paulo?

Even those who do not follow cooking programs must have heard at least once about the Buddy. The American chef and presenter is known all over the world both for his television programs and also for the confectioneries around the United States.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here are some of the programs he is part of as a presenter: Cake Boss, Next Great Baker and Battle of Confectioners. After all this international success, the so famous Carlo’s Bakery opened a branch in Sao Pauloat the end of 2016.
Paulo and I had already gone to a Buddy’s bakery in
Las Vegas, but only this year we decided to try the sweets from the Brazilian store. For you to have two different opinions, Tia Jô and I tasted the same desserts. Oh, and for those who don’t know who Tia is, I recommend you take a look at YouTube on channel Danielle Noce. In addition to Paulo’s mother and my mother-in-law, she has an incredible picture called “I hate cooking“, with super practical recipes and delicious ?
Now, let’s go to what matters most? We went to Carlo’s Bakery on a Friday afternoon. The place is known mainly for its long lines, but we were lucky to go on a day with a little less movement.
Is it worth going to Carlo's Bakery in São Paulo?
Entering the store you are faced with a showcase full of sweets such as bombs, cakes and mousses. On the side wall is the menu with all the sweets from the store, and the chef’s favorites are with a “pin” on the left side of the name. Oh, and the values ​​usually vary between R $ 6.00 and R $ 20.00!
The two favorite desserts of the chef, and consequently the most requested, are the cannoli it’s the lobster tail (a type of croissant). Taking this into account, we ended up asking for these two sweets.


Price: $ 14.00

Is it worth going to Carlo's Bakery in São Paulo?
Starting with the appearance: speaking the truth, the sweet face is not very appetizing. It has a more coarse finish, as if it had been done with little care. Both I and Aunt Jo have found this. Regarding texture, the cannoli cone was super crunchy, but it seemed to be very greasy.
For Aunt Jo, the filling was tasteless. In my view, it was just too sweet – so you just had the taste of sugar in your mouth, you know? Overall, we don’t really enjoy dessert, especially considering the amount paid for it.

Lobster Tail (or lobster tail)

Price: $ 14.00

Is it worth going to Carlo's Bakery in São Paulo?
Comparing the beauty of cannoli with that of the lobster tail, this second dessert wins. From my point of view, the candy was impeccable not only in presentation but also in flavor. The dough was very crispy and fresh. As for the filling, it reminded me of a mixture of marshmallow and whipped cream.
Putting everything together in the mouth, the taste is wonderful. Unlike me, Tia Jô found the dough very resistant and didn’t even make it to the filling. Anyway, I believe that this dessert has a much fairer value. It’s worth a try!
So, do you think it’s worth going to Carlo’s Bakery? If you have been to it, tell me what you found and what your experience was like. Here on the site we also have a another post about the place, but with the opinion of Lelê Gianetti, one of our former collaborators ?

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