Is White Chocolate Chocolate?

Is White Chocolate Chocolate?

In the realm of confectionery ingredients, chocolate is always on the throne. As much as some people don’t like it, he is adored by most. After all, how can we not love a versatile and delicious product?
As you already know, there are different types of chocolate. Milk, bitter, semi-bitter, white … And so on. Each type has a different function within the recipes, so it is essential to know when and how to use them. Considering that they all have many peculiarities and specific characteristics, let’s talk only about the White chocolate for now!
First of all, it is important to note that not everyone considers it like a real chocolate. Does anyone out there know or wonder why?
Here is the revelation for those who have no idea: white chocolate is composed of
cocoa butter, not the cocoa mass itself – as with other chocolates.

White chocolate

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So, to formally define what would be considered white chocolate, it was decided by the Food and Drugs Administration that it should contain at least 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk solids. Therefore, chocolates of this type are basically made from cocoa butter, milk, sugar and vanilla.
Even though it is not considered a chocolate by many, our love for it does not diminish a bit. Especially because, it is a great ingredient to be used in recipes that ask for a more neutral cream, as in desserts with fruits.
Here on the website, for example, you find incredible sweets like mousse pie 4 chocolates it’s the white chocolate mousse cake ?

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