Is your lifestyle making you fat? This is what your problem areas reveal about your lifestyle

Is your lifestyle making you fat?  This is what your problem areas reveal about your lifestyle

It’s not always due to the wrong diet.

Hand on heart: Are you satisfied with your figure – or do you also have your problem areas? You will surely have already noticed that every woman finds a different part of the body rather unsightly. One is annoyed by small fat pads on her stomach, the other thinks her thighs are too fat. In fact, the part of the body where you usually put on weight the fastest reveals a lot about your lifestyle …

1. Lower abdomen

If the lower part of your stomach is unattractive, it is not because of the wrong diet. That’s why diets don’t help. The cause of this selective fat deposition is strong and persistent stress. This causes your body to release cortisol. The hormone triggers cravings. And the calories from it settle on the lower abdomen. The most effective way to get rid of this fat is to relieve stress.

Relaxation exercises - autogenic training: Find peace and relaxation

Relaxation exercises
Autogenic training: this is how you can find peace and relaxation

Autogenic training is a highly recommended way to really relax. What sounds complicated to learn at first is still quite easy and a reliable path to deep relaxation. So you can also come to rest with it.

2. Belly and hips

Your problem area is your stomach and hips? Then you should integrate significantly more movement and targeted strength training into your everyday life. This way you will get a flat stomach again very quickly.

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3. Buttocks and thighs

If you put on weight mostly in your buttocks and thighs, then your hormones are to blame. Too much estrogen, which by the way is contained in the pill, promotes the formation of fat in these areas. The hormone can also lead to increased water retention. Only advice from a gynecologist will help.

4. Lower body

Bad news for all women who keep gaining weight all over their lower body, including their calves: their genes are to blame for fat deposits. After all, you can target this problem area with sports. Jogging and strength exercises for your lower body will get you back in shape.

5. Whole body

If you put on weight all over your body, including your upper arms, you are consuming too many calories. However, you can get rid of those pesky pounds relatively easily: Eliminate high-sugar foods from your diet and exercise more than before.

In the video: Intimate talk about your problem areas

Intimate talk about your problem areas

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