Israel's 5 must-see restaurants
Israels 5 must see restaurants

Israel’s 5 must-see restaurants

One of the things that Paulo and I researched the most before going to a country are the best restaurants and typical foods in the region. For us, knowing the gastronomic references of a place helps a lot to understand more about that particular culture.
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In Israel we eat simply fantastic dishes! The seasoning and variety of vegetarian options surprised us too much. Each meal was a new discovery and as we love to share our best experiences, why not list our favorite restaurants in the country?
We made a list that mixes several types of places: some more expensive, others cheaper, some specializing in hommus… It has options for all tastes ?

Abu Shukri |


Photo – Enjoy Jerusalem

We have to start the list with this restaurant. Do you know that place that you enter without much expectations, because everything seems tumultuous and disorganized? Well, appearances are deceiving! Abu Shukri is one of the most traditional restaurants in Israel – there are five in Jerusalem’s Old City alone! So that you don’t get confused like us, the real Abu Shukri is in front of the 5th station of Via Dolorosa, there’s no mistake!
Here you will find the best hommus in the country. Just the right acidity, tahini in the ideal amount, delicious rolls to accompany… A delight for those who like the dish! In addition, the sequinho falafel is sensational; also the best we have experienced in Israel.
If you are on a trip for two, a portion of hommus and another of falafel are more than enough. The price also doesn’t reach 35 shekels, an excellent cost benefit! For those who want to see the vlog we visited here, just click here and watch from the minute 6:08 ?



Photo – Authentic Jerusalem

Menza is a restaurant that already impressed us right away with good drinks – the mojito I had was amazing! The seafood dishes are the main ones in the restaurant, so don’t think twice before ordering shrimp, squid, tuna tartar…
As if they were not enough reasons for you to love the place, Menza brings several dishes that mix the sweet and the salty – something that always surprises me! For me, in addition to the best seasoned salad I’ve ever eaten, the restaurant brought a fresh pasta with Portuguese chestnuts that makes my mouth water just to remember!
In addition to all these delights, Menza has great service! Despite having a higher price, it is worth investing in a different menu at least once on the trip, don’t you think?
If you didn’t see the vlog for that day, just click here and watch from 18:24!

I give


Picture – We Heart

In the first days of the trip, Paulo and I had dinner here – to see everything, just click and watch from 13:50. The Adom is in an old train station and the decor is already impressive; mainly the bar part.
The restaurant is known in Jerusalem for mixing traditional cuisine with new techniques. Differentiated seasoning was certainly what caught our attention the most. Right at the entrance, Sabih was delicious. In this first dish they used a mango-based sauce, amba, and as we love the sweet and savory mix we already fell in love.
As finding hot dishes in Jerusalem is not that simple, Adom was an excellent option for a cold night. I ate their Vegan Dish – a pasta with vegetables, very well seasoned. Paulo loved the mutton ossobuco with red wine sauce and puree – although apparently simple, the dish is very well made and the flavors explode in your mouth, you know?
Everything here has a little surprise in the flavor and I think that is what makes Adom such a beloved restaurant in Israel!



Picture – The Style Jungle

Good vibe, exceptional service, incredible food and a dessert table that you’ve never seen before, I guarantee you! It doesn’t have an overlapping feature, the whole context of this restaurant makes you have an absurd experience – from 23:56 on this video you will understand well how this place moved us ?
It is worth mentioning that Machneyuda is a great option for those with a crowd on the trip. The dishes are all to share, including the dessert that occupies the whole table! The salads and the tartars were delicious!
Besides that, can you enjoy the music being loud and dance with friends and why not with strangers? The place is a delight in every way, we love it!



Photo – OCD TLV Restaurant

Here I had the honor of meeting and cooking with chef Raz. At first glance the restaurant impresses: the modern decor is beautiful! In addition, the place is almost exclusive as it only fits 19 people at a time in the restaurant. Because he had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and was anorexic, Raz completely changed the way he saw food and introduced a new way of cooking in Tel Aviv.
About the dishes, if you have any dietary restrictions just let us know at the time of booking – the chef changes the menu exclusively for you. In addition, the dishes are wonderful in both taste and presentation. I confess that the dessert left my mouth open, because in addition to mixing the salty and the sweet, the pea ice cream is delicious and takes the dish to another level.
It is worth making the reservation at least three months in advance, see? Even if you only spend one night in the city, the OCD is the place you need to see. If you haven’t watched the vlog just click here and see everything we did in the restaurant from minute 3 3

Honorable mention: Moshiko


Photo – Trip Advisor

The best fast food in Israel that you respect. No matter how organized you are, someday on the trip, schedules will be tight or hunger will appear halfway to another visit point. For those moments, a fast food chain is the best option! In Israel, we highly recommend Moshiko.
In addition to being easy to find a unit along the way, the Moshiko has options for super tasty sandwiches. As a chain, you already know what to expect in anyone who stops. For us, their great strength is the seasoning – peppered in the right measure and the sauces in the ideal quantity!
For vegetarians, I recommend the versions of sandwiches with salads and vegetables + falafel. Paulo also loved his with shawarma. As you choose the ingredients on the spot, it’s worth taking a look at what looks freshest ?
To see how our food was here, just click and watch from 19:17!

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