Italian dinner to save the night!

Quadrucci’s Fondant! My instagram is a real temptation. I confess that I love to follow the profiles of those who photograph and comment on various gastronomic delights around the world. And that was how, unawares, I came across a photo that made me salivate. The obsession was such that I didn’t settle until I was face to face with that much desired candy from Quadrucci.
Quadrucci is one of the oldest and dearest restaurants on trendy Rua Dias Ferreira in Leblon. Twelve years ago, it has already become a reference in Italian recipes (my favorites!), But with a contemporary footprint and Brazilian touches, created by chef Ronaldo Canha today. Two menus are launched each year, summer and winter, which focus on fresh and organic seasonal ingredients.
quadrucci nanda nunes ickfd3Despite the chipping sun that is cooking the city, I decided to sit on the cool shaded porch to enjoy the weekend atmosphere. Not to mention that the heated indoor area was full. In fact, it is worth saying that making a reservation is a smart option for more busy times / days. The decor is minimalist, functional and basic.
I was quick and accurate in my request: Belgian chocolate fondant with a crunchy biscuit “covered” and covered with fresh strawberries, please and for God’s sake!
quadrucci nanda nunes ickfd 2The presentation of the dish is encouraging. Plenty of juicy and bright red strawberries covering the generous fondant. Due to its size, you can even share it with someone after a meal. And the final spoonful… I saw sparklers! Sweet to the extent, nothing cloying, delicious and creamy chocolate! The “Caminha” was not crunchy, it was a little soft, but it added flavor and texture to the combination.
It definitely occupies the position of the most delicious carioca dessert in the city, in my humble opinion, of course.
While splurging on my sweetie, I kept an eye on what arrived at the tables next to me and took the opportunity to explore the menu that also has good options and that, soon, I want to explore. The ones that interested me most were the chicken marinated in herbs with carrot gnocchi, zucchini souté and mint yogurt sauce, the grilled octopus accompanied by tomato gnocchi with black olives and the duck trilogy (magret in Porto and Madeira sauce with vanilla , thigh confit and risotto). Tempting, isn’t it ?!
Quadrucci Restaurant
Rua Dias Ferreira, 233
Leblon – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Tel: (21) 2512-4551

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