Italian dinner to save the night!

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Last minute dinner? And worse, for people you don’t know very well, but who need to impress? Run for the appetizers, pasta and of course: wine!
Cheeses are a great option for starters, as they generally please most, and pair with both red and white wines. But even so, there are some rules to not miss and end up serving a cheese that covers the wine, or vice versa. For example, fresh or creamy cheeses like mozzarella, ricotta, brie and camembert are best paired with soft, delicate and aromatic wines, such as chardonnay whites, torrontes, Greco di Tufo (for me one of the best matches!). For half-cured or cheddar cheeses, a merlot is very pleasant. Pecorinos and provolones, which are more salty and cured, go well with sparkling bruts and full-bodied red wines like Nebbiolos.
Another entry option is the famous bruschetta! Easy and quick to make, it is a toasted Italian bread topped with chopped tomatoes, basil and plenty of parmesan, it goes very well with slightly more acid wines like the classic Tuscan Chianti, or a simpler sangiovese. If you don’t like Parmesan very much and just want to add tomatoes and basil, give preference to a fruity white with high acidity, such as a Sauvignon blanc. However, if you are adding a raw or parma ham, serve with Primitive of Puglia. But avoid wines with very marked tannins, as the combination with tomatoes and garlic can bring a metallic taste to the mouth.
italian dinner carol ickfd pao
Now my “easy and impossible impossible” option: Italian bread with olive oil (quality, huh ?!). Warm Italian bread, soaked in olive oil with a wine … In order not to go wrong with the pairing, serve with white or medium-bodied red wines from the same region of origin of the oil!
For the main course, a fresh pasta with sugo sauce seasoned with basil and nutmeg, a small piece of pepper and, of course, parmesan, go great with Italian wines like Chianti. If the sauce is bolognese or muscle, bet on a Nero d´avola from Sicily or a Negroamaro from the Puglia region. If you are going to serve a pasta without sauce, or with butter-based sauce, bet on whites, for example a Frascati, or escape a bit from Italy and get a chardonnay in Chile !!!
italian dinner carol ickfd wines
For dessert, panna cotta with red fruits. Quick, easy, tasty and beautiful, it goes well with dessert wine or Asti sparkling wine (Italian sparkling wine based on muscatel).
Now just enjoy the night and you didn’t even have to spend hours in the kitchen !!!

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