Items that will make your summer look more stylish!
Items that will make your summer look more stylish

Items that will make your summer look more stylish!

Can you think of elaborate and layered summer looks? Of course not! At this time of year – and already thinking about Carnival – we don’t have many options for fresh pieces to come out of the obvious, right?
The solution, then, is to bet on more impactful accessories that will certainly give a new face to the tank top and denim shorts. Fun bags, stylish sunglasses, colorful scarves, maxi bijoux… This type of piece can’t be missing!
I decided to talk a little more about my favorite items and, of course, share with you some amazing pieces to buy now ?


Photo: Vintage Collage

Anyone who accompanies me here, on the channel or on Instagram knows well that I’m not a fan of big bags. I usually only take the essentials with me: wallet, cell phone and, at most, a lipstick. For this reason, clutches and shoulder bags are almost always my favorites, but don’t think that I go with the basic models.
I love to mix colors, textures and simply love to find fun models with an unusual design. Serpui is one of my favorite brands, but you can also find great options from Farm, Maria Filó, AMARO, Le Lis Blanc… It really is a world of possibilities.
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Photo: Paulo Cuenca (complete look)

This is the key accessory of my summer, autumn, winter looks … Paulo and I love different glasses and they are certainly pieces that make all the difference in the look. I like big lenses, but I have no preference for shape. I have round models, aviator, kitty, rectangular … In the summer I think you can bet on mirrored lenses and colored frames to bring the color point to production!
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Photo: Jess Ann Kirby

Guys, scarves are the most versatile pieces for summer! In addition to wearing them on the head – whether to finish off a hairstyle or just to give a charm to the beach look – it is also possible to use the piece on the handles of bags and even as a belt.
Look, if I were you I would invest in these thinner and longer models. They are the most functional and the best thing is that they hardly take up space in the suitcase or purse!
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Photo: Fashion Me Now

As you may already know, I don’t wear earrings because of my earrings, but if I could, I would definitely throw myself in the big earrings. There is nothing better than to tie your hair in a high bun to stay fresh and put on an earring to finish the production. It’s simple, cheap and looks beautiful!
However, I can still invest in larger necklaces and bracelets to bring that “weight” to the summer look. There is no shortage of options for all styles and pockets, right?
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Photo: Paulo Cuenca (complete look)

The fifth and last item on my list is lipstick. Let’s be honest: you can’t really put on summer makeup, right? As resistant as its base is, no one deserves to be uncomfortable with a sticky product on the skin. BB creams and colored protectors are our best friends this season.
However, for those who do not give up a more elaborate makeup, it is time to play with colorful and vibrant lipsticks. Red, pink, purple, orange … You can look different every day with so many options!
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I hope you enjoyed the simple tips, but they always work for me. Suggestions are always welcome, so whoever has another “trick” can leave it here in the comments ?

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