items that you can not fail to take in your suitcase
Items that you can not fail to take in your

items that you can not fail to take in your suitcase

Do you plan to travel in July for a tropical or sunny destination? Why not plan ahead and take some items home that will make your trip easier?

Photo – Paulo Cuenca (@nocedanielle)

I may not be a travel expert, but if there was one thing I learned in the last few years, it was to assemble more functional bags. Of course, each destination has its peculiarities, but I’m sure that some basic items and products will help you in the “tropical” checklist ?



Picture – Loren Ridinger

Protective valley for the body, face and mouth! Despite being a relatively easy product to find in pharmacies and supermarkets, I prefer to take it home, you know? In addition to the price being hyper-inflated on more distant beaches, for example, I really like the two-in-one products – especially for the face.
The protection can be in my base or in the facial moisturizer that I use daily. In addition, I really like to take a more dry protector and with more intense sun factor if I am going to spend the day at the beach. Anthelios by La Roche Posay and Vichy Capital Soleil Toque Seco are great and both have color options!
I know that a lot of people, like me, have already put the face shield in their daily routine, but it is very important not to forget the body. Even those who go to cities and not to the beach need to pass the product. In Europe, for example, you will need a generous layer on your shoulders if you are racing, see? And always take the protector in the bag to pass it on!

Clothing and accessories to protect yourself


Picture – Julia Engel

Be sure to bring at least one hat (or cap) and sunglasses. I also like to go with a handkerchief in my bag to put on my shoulders and not burn them further or to protect myself from the air conditioning – in the United States the air is usually very strong, see?
If your trip is more focused on adventure, it is worth investing in parts with UV protection. When Paulo and I went to Carretera Austral I did not pay attention to this detail, but do you remember that I said that there is a hole in the ozone layer there? So, instead of doing like me and going with super light and short clothes, opt for blouses and pants with protection.
I know that these items are expensive, but on a trip like this, that you know that the sun will be up and that you can’t walk around with huge hats, it’s worth opting for this type of garment.



Picture – Hometalk

We know that here in Brazil there are some places that are LOTS of mosquitoes and gnats – hello, Ilhabela! On the trip to the Amazon we also came back home with lots of trails, especially after hiking in the middle of the forest.
In addition to body repellents being essential, if you are staying in hostels or rented houses, be sure to take repellents to be taken or, if you prefer, even citronella candles.

Raincoat / Umbrella

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Photo – Purification (Tumblr)

I know that everyone hates carrying huge umbrellas up and down, but on tropical trips I think it’s worth walking like a raincoat in your purse or car.
Although the weather is hot, it’s not very cool to be getting wet all the time – much less cool to miss a day of walking because of the rain, right? Take a thin cover in your bag / backpack, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Swimwear and light pieces


Photo – Paulo Cuenca (@nocedanielle)

As much as you don’t plan on going to the beach, it’s always good to have swimwear in your suitcase. It seems kind of obvious, but sometimes we think we will just enjoy the city and forget to take that bikini, right?
In addition, regattas and shorts (loose) are very important for those hot days. Dryfit models are excellent options for those who are making a backpack, because in addition to drying quickly and being super light, they do not wrinkle ?

Open and comfortable shoes


Photo – Love is colorful

People, despite loving a nice pair of sneakers, for these trips try to take only one model, okay? Okay, if your destination has many trails, sports shoes are also worthwhile. For the rest? Sandals, flat sandals, slippers … Everything that opens works!
Of course, some other items are indispensable on any trip (as I already told in this post). Do you have any more tips? Tell us in the comments, after all, the more information the better!

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