Itinerary of 1 day in Pinheiros

Itinerary of 1 day in Pinheiros

Even though it is one of the oldest parts of Sao Paulo, Pine trees it’s a super cool and modern area. At every corner you will find something interesting to know, from restaurants to cultural attractions and shops.
To enjoy what the neighborhood has to offer, we created this mini one-day tour of the region. And believe me when you hear that it’s worth taking a day just to explore Pinheiros ?



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Starting the day on the right foot, have a hearty breakfast in one of the neighborhood’s cafeterias. THE Coffee Lab, for example, is perfect for those who love coffee and are curious to taste the drink made with different and varied beans. Their coffee is carefully selected, and the staff is always available to teach customers a little bit about each type of bean.
Other very interesting options there are the
King of fork, The Future Canteen it’s the BotaniKafé. We explain them better in a post with seven best cafes in São Paulo, so take a look there to get to know each one. Oh, and be sure to confirm the opening hours and days of all these places, okay?


Itinerary of 1 day in Pinheiros
Although many people associate São Paulo with gray and extremely urban areas, the city’s parks are beautiful and relatively large. THE

Vila Lobos, in Pinheiros, is a good example of this. In addition to having a super wide walking area, the park is also known for routes for people who want to ride a bike. It is possible to rent one right at the entrance of the place, so don’t worry about taking one from home!
The people who like to walk with the kids will also love meeting Mamusca. The space of the place is dedicated so that the little ones can spend time interacting with other children and having new experiences. For this, they can play with sand, costumes, eat fruit and even take care of a little garden. Unfortunately, it only opens to the public on Saturdays (from 9 am to 1 pm), so don’t forget to plan well.


Itinerary of 1 day in Pinheiros

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After a very relaxed morning, enjoy lunch to discover another special gastronomic corner in Pinheiros. THE Coffee Island, for example, is adored by many people who frequent the neighborhood. Their menu is very diverse, betting mainly on the flavors of the East. Their shakshuka, for example, is a success!
More or less with the same restaurant proposal, the
Simply it is also a great alternative. All local dishes are herbal, that is, without any meat or fish.
Still unsure where to have lunch? The chef (and Masterchef’s judge) restaurant Paola Carosella is also very famous and receives much praise. The environment
Arturito it’s super cool and the dishes try to make the most of the ingredients. As it is a very well-known place, the restaurant is almost always with a long queue. So, be prepared to spend a few good minutes waiting.

More tours

Itinerary of 1 day in Pinheiros

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Those who are willing to tour Pinheiros cannot miss the Tomie Ohtake Institute. The local exhibitions focus on art, architecture and design, giving space especially to contemporary Brazilian art. Oh, and the architecture of the building itself is also a separate show, so don’t leave the venue out of the script.
Another tour that can be done in the afternoon is to know the Municipal Market of Pinheiros. There you will find fruits, vegetables, spices, grains and more. Some “stalls” at the place are even famous, such as that of chef Alex Atala, with products from the Amazon and other regions of Brazil.


Itinerary of 1 day in Pinheiros
Was there any time left in the afternoon? Discover some of the stores in the region! Those who are more connected to sustainable fashion will love the

Insecta Shoes, a brand of vegan shoes produced in São Paulo. The store has a more vintage style, and the pieces are mostly produced with recycled materials.
Personnel willing to spend a higher dollar can go to the store
In La Garçonne. The place is known for curating vintage clothing from around the world. For having this more special selection and being unique pieces, the values ​​end up being a little higher.
Now, a special tip for anyone going to the region on a Saturday. In the morning, at
Benedito Calixto Square, a fair with several interesting stores and products, music and food stalls. Worth knowing.

Enjoying the night

Itinerary of 1 day in Pinheiros

Photo: @restaurantechou

To close the day with a flourish, you can go to the Brewdog taste different flavors of beer. If that’s not your style of tour, just stop by Chou. The restaurant opened in 2008 and has since been a success. The space is super cozy and most of the dishes on the menu are made with hot coals.
Do not forget that the order of all tours is just a suggestion! I hope the tips are useful for you ?

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