Jade roller or facial roller: how to use and what are the benefits of each stone
Jade roller or facial roller how to use and what

Jade roller or facial roller: how to use and what are the benefits of each stone

Facial rollerfacial rolls, jade roll, jade roll … They are a lot of names given to the same skincare trend that has become quite well known in recent times. The truth is that this ancient Chinese technique was only known here in the West a few years ago, but its benefits have been studied for a long time.
The secret of the tool is in the stones that stay on the extremities and that have the function of massaging the skin. But why is this item so loved? The benefits range from the most concrete, as they help in blood circulation, to the most holistic ones related to the load of energy brought by the stones. That is, a good facial roller is not made with any stone, they have specific properties that make all the difference in use.
In this text we will talk about the benefits, how to use, what care should we take and what is the use of each of the stones. Take the pad and let’s learn a little about how to take care of our skin and energy at the same time, after all, everything is connected ✨


As already mentioned, there are two points to be evaluated: the ones we can see, touch and feel – which are more related to appearance of the skin – and another that is related to renovation and energy exchange promoted by the stones.

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The first is basically due to massage that the rolls provide and that help to improve the blood circulation, cell renewal and consequent help in a facial drainage. This all causes the skin to deflate, especially after drinking alcoholic beverages, for example. Other benefits like reduced expression lines, skin brightness and collagen production are not so noticeable and fast. What is certain is that a skin without tension and well rested is the best so that the products applied later are more efficient.
In relation to energies is something that is far beyond our own understanding, but also from belief and ritualistic use of stones. These are the real reasons why jade rolls became so famous, after all, these characteristics have been known since antiquity. Stones are formed by a natural process that has happened since long before human existence on Earth and, for this reason, for a long time they have brought connections with the essential, the natural and attract good fluids and energies. There is also a relationship for the mineral composition of the stones, with a more scientific character.


The jade rolls, despite the name, they can be made with many different stones. Some are better known and others more difficult to find. As for the benefits, they are different both in the energy field and in the mineral properties of each one. Rose quartz has manganese in its formation and jade has sodium silicate and aluminum, for example.


THE jade roll is one of the most used, so much so that it is often used to talk about any other roll. And it is no accident: royal figures, temples and leaders have always been adorned with this stone. There are many shades of jade, but the rolls are usually made with the green stone that carries almost all the energies of the other colors (except for red jade). It’s great for calm and balance the nervous system of the mind and skin. Although the stone is cold, it retains much heat and is indicated for oily and acne-prone skin.

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Rose Quartz

Another widely used stone is the rose quartz, known for being the stone of love and infinite peace. Its power is calm emotions and arouse good feelings for the life. Thus, it energetically strengthens blood pressure and gives shine and light to the skin.

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Transparent Quartz

In addition to pink, we also have the transparent quartz or commonly called a crystal. It is indicated for harmonize energies, purify and expand them. Great for cleaning ?

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AN amethyst has very powerful protective energies and is capable of transform negative energies into good vibrations. For the skin it does the same effect, purifying the layers and promoting detoxification.

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Tiger Eye

The rock Tiger Eye is charged with very positive energies, that is, neutralizes any negativity present. It is governed by the sun and brings a lot of light and heat. Its main benefit is the strengthening of skin tissues.

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The indicated is to do the massage with the roll every day, both morning and evening. Always make delicate movements from the bottom up and from the inside out. The rolls help in the absorption of moisturizers, serums and are great alternatives to use together with facial tissue masks.

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It’s cool too leave your roll in the fridge before using, thus, the effects will be more effective due to the temperature. Cold stones are more efficient in contact with hot skin. It’s like when you wash your face with cold water, you know?


Care must be taken when purchasing rolls of unknown brands, because they can often be produced with fake stones. So, if the price is far below normal, be wary and try to buy from trusted stores.
It is important to always have careful cleaning of its stones, even more for the use of products and for the direct contact with the skin. For this, it is necessary to observe which stone you are using – some accept well to be wet and others not so much. Leaving in the sun is also interesting, but it also depends on which stone is yours, so do your research first. Usually the lighter ones can be wet but cannot go in the sun. The opposite is true for the darker. But, it’s not a rule, okay?
Finally, it is very important that you maintain a frequency to feel the effects. Daily and continuous use is the secret to good results. Connecting with this moment, with the energies of the stones and dedicating a good 10 minutes to take care of your skin with the roll is essential to be worthwhile.
Liked? Comment below which stone you identified the most and if you have any tips for us as well. Enjoy ?

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