Jam or Jelly: What's the Difference Between Jellies?
Jam or jelly whats the difference between jellies

Jam or Jelly: What’s the Difference Between Jellies?

Although they look the same, there is a difference between jam and jelly – which are two types of jelly. As the texture changes the preparation of desserts, for example, we will clarify when to use each one and what are their particularities!



Complete recipe

Overall, jams are more rustic and chunky. That’s because the fruits, cut into small pieces, are cooked quickly and take very little sugar. The jam has a thicker consistency and the fruit stands out amid “syrup”.
As the ingredient stays on the fire for less time, this jam has a more natural flavor and doesn’t resemble candy, you know? Oh, and because it is thicker, this is the best option for filling cakes, sweets and cookies!


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Jelly is the most liquid and translucent jelly, usually made with the juice of strained fruit and some type of acid. This version also takes more sugar, but it is still a balanced recipe.
There are those who make the jelly with ready-made juice, but it costs nothing to prepare it on time for the result to be even more fresh. In addition, as it is made from a liquid, jelly can also be prepared with wine, teas, liqueurs and infusions.

And the marmalade?

Marmalade is also a type of jam, but with a solid consistency. Guava, for example, is a guava marmalade ?


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