January favorites: bodys, hair care and holographic lipstick

January favorites: bodys, hair care and holographic lipstick

The official summer month is over! The part I love most about this month change is sharing the things I used the most during this period. And of course, with all this heat, the tips are very appropriate to match this solzão and the heat.
This time, I chose 3 tips: for clothes, hair care and also make-up. Look at everything I listed below!


Body for me is synonymous with comfort! And the story of the piece proves this very well, after all, it was created in the 90s, just for physical activities or the beach. Yes, it is not by chance that it looks very much like the swimsuit. I am very happy that this has changed and that today we can use it for everything from a casual occasion to a more glamorous one. It is very successful!
January favorites: bodys, hair care and holographic lipstick
I am in love with three models, the first is this metallic one from Zara, which is very simple in the cut and goes with everything. In addition, this is one of those bodys that opens at the bottom that ~ let’s combine ~ makes it very easy to go to the bathroom. I have black, white and silver (the one in the photo)!
Another one that I also love, is the red body of Iódice, with the wider strap, which gives a more chic look. To be a little more daring too, those with a neckline on the back are also amazing. The ones I have are from the Farm, with a handle that comes from the side, in moss green color. These last two do not have the part that opens below: / But just the fact that they are bodys, it helps a lot! I show them in the video I made on IGTV, take a look here!

Moisturizing masks from OGX

I already talked about how to take care of hair in the summer here on the site! And for me, the most important tip is about hydration. ÇAs our hair is very exposed to the sun, wind, sea water or the pool, we NEED to moisturize much more during this season. So I used these two perfect OGX masks a lot.
January favorites: bodys, hair care and holographic lipstick
The one in the photo is OGX’s Coconut Curl – for those with curly hair it is a must. I also use Argain Oil of Marroco, which is essential! Both give a lot of shine to the hair. After all, being well hydrated he is healthy and, consequently, beautiful and shiny!

  • I wash my hair every other day and alternate between products. Here’s the tip!

Holographic pink lipstick

We already talked about comfort, hair care and now it’s time to take that close up, and let’s go for the lipstick! I’m loving using more colors now, which combines much more with summer. In addition, this station asks to use makeup with glow effect (I talked more about here), and this holographic lipstick from Dior is a success!
The texture is ultra fluid and gives a lot of volume, hydration and up to 8 hours of duration. And another, his formula is rich in natural hibiscus extract, which gives the plumping effect and hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and refreshes.
January favorites: bodys, hair care and holographic lipstick
+ Not everything in life is perfect, so there is something that could be better with this product. His brush makes it very difficult to make the corners of his mouth and I always need to fix it with a brush – nothing too serious either!
+ The product is Dior Addict Lacquer Plump, and the color is Disco Dior 677
I hope you enjoyed my tip this month. I made a video on IGTV showing all the products and testing the lipstick. Also share your favorites of the month for this beautiful ~ and hot season!

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