Jasmin Tawil Your Crazy California Diet

Jasmin Tawil Your Crazy California Diet

Freshly healed from the lovesickness of husband Adel Tawil, Jasmin Tawil is now planning to get her body into shape. With a great fast!

Oh dear, Jasmin Tawil (33) has decided to do something. She has just recovered from her great lovesickness after separating from husband Adel Tawil (37). In her relationship with friend Marlon, which she made public a month ago via Instagram, she seems to be really happy again.

But now her body obviously needs to be brought back into shape. Jasmin Tawil is planning a blatant diet: for two weeks she only wants to eat fruits, fruits and vegetables, as she writes about a delicious fruit salad photo on Instagram.

The California Diet

But the singer herself has respect for the next two weeks. She writes about her plans “fasting, no more pizza, no more meat, no more fish, no more milk, vegan” – her enthusiasm for her planned program is limited. No wonder – that is really not very varied and does not promise much satiety.

She’s just recently in love – you don’t normally have to worry about your weight. But women often associate a diet with a new beginning, maybe that also applies to Jasmin Tawil. She obviously wants to get her body in top shape for her boyfriend Marlon.

And since she has been living in California for some time now, she may have been infected a little by the typical lifestyle on the always sunny west coast. In any case, Marians Welt will follow your diet closely!

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