Jennifer Connelly Is she putting her health at risk for a role?
Jennifer connelly is she putting her health at risk for

Jennifer Connelly Is she putting her health at risk for a role?

What happened to Jennifer Connelly? The beautiful actress is extremely emaciated and now only a shadow of herself. Everything for her career.

Once again it’s about a role for which an actress gives everything: Jennifer Connelly embodies a homeless person in her new film. And for that she starves, presumably to appear as authentic as possible. The latest recordings show how thin the 42-year-old mother of three has become: she runs through New York in a black jogging suit. Her legs are as thin as matches, her arms pointed, her cheeks sunken. The screen beauty looks downright malnourished. Has Jennifer realized how terrifying she is to look at? One can only hope that after the shooting is over, she will jump off and quickly find her way back to her normal weight. Because we remember Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey (43), who had lost over 20 kilos for his role in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”: He convinced with his portrayal of the HIV-positive electrician Ron Woodroof, who in 1986 in McConaughey said at the time, McConaughey was well aware of the side effects of his life-and-death struggle against the pharmaceutical industry, but the rapid weight loss had caused great damage to his body, reported US media. In the meantime he has got the pounds back on, but he doesn’t really feel “like the old man”, he said “Mail Online”. Matthew was “out of stamina,” friends were quoted as saying. The actor got in touch with doctors and nutritionists. Allegedly concerned that Matthew could have long-term heart and lung damage, we keep our fingers crossed that Jennifer Connelly’s film will be shot soon and that the actress will easily get back to her old form. Because no part of the world is worth risking your health for!

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