Jenny Frankhauser She talks about her lipedema operation: “I finally have normal arms”

Jenny Frankhauser She talks about her lipedema operation: "I finally have normal arms"

Reality star Jenny Frankhauser suffers from the disease lipedema, which came to light through a chance diagnosis. After an operation, the 27-year-old now speaks up and talks about her experiences.

Over three million women in Germany suffer from the diagnosis of lipedema – including ex-jungle camper Jenny Frankhauser (27). For years she tried to laboriously work off the pounds on her thighs and upper arms with daily exercise. Without success! Last year she received the result from her doctor – she suffers from a pathological disorder of fat distribution. After her first successful operation, the 27-year-old dared to have a second lipedema operation and talked about her experiences and wishes for the future on the Instagram platform.

After the lipedema operation: “I almost cried for joy”

The 27-year-old had her first surgery at the beginning of 2019. At that time, 2.5 liters of “sick fat” were sucked off the thighs. The second time it was the turn of the lower legs and upper arms, with a total of 2.5 liters being sucked off. The difference in the upper arms can already be seen and almost made her cry with joy. Jenny emphasizes that the operation can be very different from woman to woman. The more liters are sucked off, the harder the pain is, according to the ex-jungle queen. She is generally fine and the pain tends to come in spurts.

Her ex believed her lipedema was caused by poor diet. Read more about it here.

Jenny Frankhauser

Jenny Frankhauser
Her ex believed her lipedema was caused by poor diet

Although Jenny Frankhauser was diagnosed with lipedema, everything looked so rosy for her because she was freshly in love with a health-conscious young man. But few people suspected that this was not helping her at all.

However, if you suffer from lipedema and are confronted with daily pain, such an operation can be very worthwhile, she explains in the videos. For a long time Jenny didn’t know anything about the disease. While she was going to the doctor for spider veins and varicose veins, she received the incidental finding: lipedema. In retrospect, this knowledge was the explanation for a lot. “I was doggedly in sports every day and cried in pain at home because my legs were so painful. Then I was happy again because I thought it was sore muscles and finally something was happening.” But when, despite training, nothing changed and Jenny couldn’t get rid of the feeling of getting bigger and bigger, the explanatory diagnosis came.

Is the lipedema coming back? “Unfortunately there is no guarantee”

Jenny describes the pain as an uncomfortable, pressing feeling, like having trousers that are too tight, a feeling like arms and legs would soon burst. Even if she hopes for a long-term improvement through the operation, she says: “Unfortunately I have no solution for you to get rid of the disease for good. It can stay away, but it can also come back. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. It is everything varies from body to body “. In the future, if she is in pain, she will wear the compressions, go swimming and keep trying to find out what is good for her.

Jenny, who was lovingly cared for by her boyfriend during the time after the operation, advises all fellow sufferers: “If you have the operation, please make sure that you are not alone.”

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