Jogging guide lose weight step by step: This is how running can help you

Jogging guide lose weight step by step: This is how running can help you

Losing weight by jogging sounds impossible? We show you how it works without problems and what you have to consider.

You finally want to get rid of the pounds and lose weight successfully? You can do this best if you change your diet and go jogging with you. Yes, it’s probably not the first time you’ve heard this tip, but it’s the best when it comes to fighting the pounds.

Lose weight with jogging: Every beginning is difficult!

How do I get started? This is a question that beginners often ask themselves. Sometimes the last training session was some time ago, or maybe you’ve never tried it. Tip: See your running project as a “new start” and give yourself and your body enough time to lose weight.

Many beginners tend to get started too quickly due to their initial vigor. However, the first attempt at jogging often ends in frustration, which can quickly lead to an early end to losing weight.

To avoid this, the following applies: less is more! Consciously choose short routes for your first running routes. Do you have a lot of energy after that? Class! Then you can increase your running quota. But note: A slow start is best for you in the long run. Because your body has to adapt to the new training stimulus and be able to process it.

How often do I have to jog to lose weight?

In order to really lose weight while jogging, you have to increase permanently. The first phase, which usually lasts between three to four weeks, is mainly about a gentle introduction to regular training. Once your body has mastered this and achieved a certain level of fitness, it is important to continue to improve – this is the only way you can lose weight successfully.

At the beginning it is enough to run three times a week. Later on, you can increase this to four to five times a week. In general, the following applies here: The more units, the more successful you will be, but pay attention to your body. If he needs a break, give him that too.

Couple having sex

Fit in bed
Who would have thought: jogging improves your love life

Endurance sport is healthy for body and mind, but it can do even more, namely improve your sex life. More and more studies are showing a clear connection between regular jogging and good sex.

This is the best way to get started running

Do not try to run your planned route in one go right from the start. At the beginning, set short intervals that you can actually run completely. So you stay on the ball and avoid frustration when losing weight. Then all you have to do is stick to this weight loss plan.

The breaks between the intervals are best used to relax while walking. In this way you not only reduce the overall intensity, but also only load your body to a realistic extent. Over time, you can then extend the running intervals and reduce the walking breaks until you can later complete your desired route. As a beginner runner in particular, you will benefit the most from interval training.

Example of a plan for beginners

1st unit: 3 min jogging + 2 min walking break alternating; Total load 20-25 min

2nd unit: 4 min jogging + 2 min walking break alternating; Total load 30 min

3rd unit: 5 min jogging + 2 min walking break alternating; Total load 30 min

4th unit: 5 min jogging + 1 min walking break alternating; Total load 30-40 min

5th unit: 3-5-8-5-3 min jogging + 3 min walking break; Total load 40 min

6th unit: 5-8 min jogging + 2 min walking break; Total load 40-45 min

7th unit: 8 min jogging + 3 min walking break alternating; Total load 45 min

8th unit: 10 min jogging + 2 min walking break alternating; Total load 45 min

Give your body as much variety as possible

In order to be able to lose weight successfully over time, you should offer your body as much training variety as possible. Don’t even give your body the opportunity to get used to the training, but challenge him with unexpected challenges. As a rule of thumb: never let two training sessions follow each other. This keeps your metabolism active and losing weight is super easy and fun too.

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