Jonah Hill The comedy star was really slim here
Jonah hill the comedy star was really slim here

Jonah Hill The comedy star was really slim here

Is the yo-yo effect noticeable with Jonah Hill? After an exhausting starvation diet, the comedy star has put on a lot of weight again.

He was in iconic teen comedies like “Superbad” the overweight buddy guy next door. But Jonah Hill (31) did not want to be committed to this role. And that’s why the American worked on himself and his profile. Jonah Hill shone in more serious Prestige projects like “Money Ball” and “Wolf of Wall Street” alongside top stars like Brad Pitt (51) and Leonardo DiCaprio (40), but also changed his appearance …

In the yo-yo trap?

It was Brad Pitt who encouraged him to pay more attention to his diet, his look. As a result, Hill hired a nutritionist and avoided fast food in favor of selected Japanese delicacies. No wonder that the pounds soon dropped (over 40 kilos!) And there was hardly anything left of the overweight Hill of yore. But the lean times now seem to be over to be …

“Jonah eats again without inhibitions”

Hill is still doing well, but is turning back to the comedy genre (“21 Jump Street”, “That’s the End”). And its weight is also approaching the earlier times. This yo-yo effect could be seen on the set of his latest comedy “Arms And The Dudes”. You can see one there frighteningly bloated hill with a double chin and an XXL shirt.

The question remains whether the role also required more weight. However, nothing specific is known about this. An insider thinks he knows the real reason for now-again-Moppel-Hill: “Jonah eats again without hesitation“, He told the US celebrity magazine” National Enquirer “. But whether the comedy star is doing himself a favor … healthy is (s) t different.

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