Just 5 Minutes This simple method will keep your bones healthy through menopause
Just 5 minutes this simple method will keep your bones

Just 5 Minutes This simple method will keep your bones healthy through menopause

Menopause brings some side effects that women should keep an eye out for. In order to stay healthy in the long term, doctors often recommend physical activity. Scientists from Great Britain are now recommending an easy exercise for healthy bones.

Menopausal women are at increased risk of developing osteoporosis. The bones lose substance and can break more easily. The most important reason for this development is the lack of estrogens, which are supposed to keep the bone-degrading cells in check. However, these estrogens become less and less with the hormone change during the menopause. According to “osteoporose.de” the risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis increases by 30 percent.

According to “dailymail.co.uk” in the specialist journal “Bone and Mineral Research”, the scientists at Loughborough University now point out that countermeasures can be taken with a little practice. Five minutes of light training a day is enough to strengthen the bones sustainably. We’re talking about jumping!

Study shows: hopping strengthens bone density

The recommendation from Great Britain is based on a study with 35 women between the ages of 55 and 70 years. The women were asked to hop on one leg up to 50 times a day for half a year without changing legs.

The result was clear. While the bone density in the non-hopping leg had decreased over the six-month period, it actually increased in the hopping leg. A density increase of 3.2 percent was determined for the thigh neck directly at the hip joint, and for the other leg it decreased by up to 0.75 percent in the same period.

Osteoporosis: a common disease that mainly affects women.


Bone loss
Prevent, detect and treat osteoporosis

Bone loss is usually diagnosed when the bones become unstable in old age. Osteoporosis is one of the most common age-related diseases and often occurs gradually. Discomfort can be alleviated with the right treatment and diet.

Simple exercise can prevent hip fractures

Dr. Katherine Brooke-Wavell explains: “This study shows that in healthy women, a short exercise at home that doesn’t require specialized equipment can increase bone density in the hip and potentially decrease the risk of hip fractures. “To rule out new risks from hopping, the researchers also had the Loaded joints of the women examined, with satisfactory results: Overstrain or increased wear and tear could not be determined.

What are estrogens for and what helps against estrogen deficiency?

Hormone tabs

Strong bones, great skin
Too little estrogen during menopause? This helps

The female sex hormone is not only responsible for fertility. The effects of estrogen affect many other body functions.

The number of hip fractures is increasing

Statistics in Germany currently show around 120,000 hip fractures per year, and the trend is rising. Older people are particularly affected, according to “vitaconnect.net” with dramatic consequences. Only a third of the accident victims regain their usual mobility after falling or breaking. 15 percent die within 90 days of the hip fracture. In all of these points women are affected twice as often as men.

Hyaluronic acid can also help you during menopause

During the menopause: why you shouldn't do without hyaluronic acid capsules Primary tabs

During menopause
Why you shouldn’t do without hyaluronic acid capsules right now

During the menopause, a lot changes for us women – including our skin. But there is no need to panic, because now we are helping with hyaluronic acid capsules. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the little helpers during menopause.

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