Just Lose Weight These 5 Crazy Diet Tricks Actually Work

Just Lose Weight These 5 Crazy Diet Tricks Actually Work

When you ask your friends about diet tips, you will get many different ideas. You’ve probably heard most of them by now: don’t eat any carbohydrates, drink plenty of water, or don’t eat anything after seven in the evening. We have five tricks here that might seem a little crazy at first, but which really make it easier for you to lose weight.

1. Eat smarter: don’t skip the starter!

You are invited to dinner and a multi-course menu awaits you. That doesn’t mean you have to spoil the game by skipping the starter. In the restaurant, too, we recommend that you always order a starter! Because even if that sounds strange, it helps with weight loss. A light soup or a salad (without dressing) reduces the total calorie intake of the meal by up to 20 percent (this was just found in a study). The stomach already has something to do before the main course arrives, and the feeling of fullness occurs faster.

2. It’s all about the scent: smell your food!

A current study confirms what many chefs have long been claiming: the nose eats as well as the eye. The participants in the study, which has just been published in the magazine “Flavor”, were served dishes that contained stronger flavors. They ate up to ten percent less of it than those whose food smelled less strong. In short: the more intense the smell of the meal, the less you will eat it.


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3. Keep track of things: leave the pizza crust behind!

A recent study by Cornell University in the United States revealed that our brains keep track of what we eat. Well, figuratively. For foods that have something left over after consumption – kernels for olives, shells for pistachios and other nuts or bones for chicken wings – the leftovers should remain on the plate. The study found that those subjects whose leftovers were cleared away ate more. With those who had their consumption in view, the brain received the message of being full more quickly.

Our tip: Leave the edge of the pizza on the plate. So you not only save calories, but you are also full faster.

4. Eating rich in contrasts: color theory at mealtimes

Another study from Cornell University shows that the greater the color contrast between your food and the plate, the less hungry you are. Participants who ate pasta with tomato sauce from white dishes ate a total of 22 percent less than the test subjects whose pasta dish was served on a red plate.

5. Concentration, please! The right place for dinner

Those who eat consciously are leaner. This not only means that you should chew your food well, it is also best to have it in a permanent place. Watching TV while eating, talking on the phone or walking around distracts the brain even more. It takes longer than the stomach to understand when we are full anyway. So take every meal very consciously. So you can not only control the amount of food better, but you also give the brain enough space to switch to “stop” more quickly.

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