Justin Bieber Occurred despite food poisoning

Justin Bieber Occurred despite food poisoning

Justin Bieber is currently on his “Believe” world tour, which in itself is arguably exhausting enough. In Buenos Aires, the singer had to pull himself together for another reason. The pop star appeared with food poisoning.

Justin Bieber’s jam-packed schedule also includes appearances in South America. Millions of fans want to see the superstar live on his “Believe” world tour, and in order not to disappoint his fans, he grits his teeth when he is not doing well – for example because of food poisoning. Bieber performed in Argentina even though he had previously eaten the wrong thing. Before his appearance in Buenos Aires, Justin Bieber tweeted: “That sucks” and added food poisoning as the hashtag. “Don’t feel so good. Actually pretty sick. Keep up. Argentina, we have to put on a show. Love each other, ”continues Bieber. The show has to go on, it was said for the crush of girls who should actually have been in bed.

Food Poisoning: React Right

With proper food poisoning, those affected are plagued by vomiting, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. It is therefore recommended to drink as much as possible to compensate for the loss of salt. Black tea is recommended, among other things. Electrolyte solutions from the pharmacy as well as grated apples and bananas also serve their purpose. A comfortable position can alleviate the discomfort. For example, try pulling your legs up. If the fluid and electrolyte balance runs into the basement, signs of shock can arise. These include striking paleness, a fast and flat pulse, cold skin and sweat, chills, fear, restlessness, confusion or apathy. As first aid, you should put yourself in shock and get the best help. Lie flat on your back on the floor with your legs up. Wrap yourself warm, for example in a blanket. Young children, elderly patients, and those with severe food poisoning should see a doctor or emergency medical service immediately.

Justin Bieber: Show must go on

Justin Bieber didn’t have much time to regenerate his food poisoning and despite the increased difficulty, the Canadian turned to his fans and thanked his fans for the award at the “MTV European Music Awards”. In his message, the pop star named best artist said, “I’m sitting here with food poisoning and I hear we won the EMA’s best artist award. Thanks to all.”

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