Kader Loth your friend feeds her to make her gain weight

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Your body has always been a difficult subject for Kader Loth. But now she has apparently overcome anorexia once and for all. And love came back with the pounds! Because she is back with Ismet Atli. And he ensures that she continues to do well …

It wasn’t that long ago that you had to worry about Kader Loth (43). Because the Berlin native was shockingly thin last autumn. And that worried not only the German media landscape, but also entrepreneur Ismet Atli (44) – so much that he broke up with his girlfriend.

He couldn’t stand how thin she was

“We didn’t have sex anymore. He said he no longer wanted to hold skin and bones in his hands. That would turn him off too much, ”Kader told Marians Welt in September 2015. “He generally couldn’t cope with my weight loss and gave me an ultimatum: I should first gain 10 kilos again, then we’ll see …”

Apparently she made it! Because there is good news to report: The 43-year-old and her lover are a couple again. So that Kader can keep a healthy weight in the future and even go a step further, the 44-year-old takes unusual measures, as she explains in an exclusive interview with Marians Welt: “He diligently feeds me every day so that I can do even more increase. “

And the entrepreneur is always there for his partner in other ways too. She would like to fly to Turkey this year in order to finally divorce her ex there (Marians Welt reported): “My friend Ismet will accompany me to Istanbul”, she reveals. Well, that sounds like it but as if the two of them were one heart and one soul again, and we would like to congratulate the couple on that!

She married a 40 year old when she was a teen!

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