Kate Hudson Slim and fit like the Hollywood star
Kate hudson slim and fit like the hollywood star

Kate Hudson Slim and fit like the Hollywood star

Diet pills, slim smoothies & Co. are not for actress Kate Hudson. Your figure secret is much easier. Find out what it is here!

Actress Kate Hudson (35) is happy to present her toned stomach in a tight bikini or hers crisp downside in a fancy dress on the red carpet.

This is their secret

Without question, the mother of two is definitely one of them fittest women in Hollywood. But if you thought that the 35-year-old tortured herself for several hours a day in the gym or jogged obsessively through the LA hills to steel her body, you’re wrong. Because Kate follows a much simpler principle. Jumping ropes is their magic formula!

“She always has a skipping rope in her handbag, no matter where she goes. As soon as she has a few minutes, she starts. Four times five minutes, that means 20 minutes of extra training in one day “, Kate’s personal trainer Nicole Stewart recently revealed.

No time for extensive training sessions

Short but effective, this is exactly the right workout for the Hollywood star. After all, the likeable blonde is not only a sought-after actress who regularly appears in front of the camera for new roles, but also the mother of two sons. The on-screen beauty does not have much time for extended training units.

“I love jumping rope because it is one of the toughest cardio exercises that you can still do very easily”, Kate raves about her fitness secret. And if she has more time, boxing, dancing, yoga or tennis are on the training schedule for the sports fanatic.

So if you want to have as perfect a body as the actress, the starting command is now: On the ropes, get set, go!

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Sports grouch and fitness freaks

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