Katzi, Lady Gaga & Co. These stars starved themselves sick

Katzi, Lady Gaga & Co. These stars starved themselves sick

Today she is an adored superstar – but as a teenager Lady Gaga suffered from bulimia because she was so dissatisfied with herself. Allegra Versace and Anastasia “Katzi” Sokol also starved themselves sick. What is behind the eating disorders?

Eating disorders are no longer kept silent – not even in Hollywood: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver recently hosted the “Young Womens Conference” at a school in Los Angeles. The event was aimed at young women and had topics that were of concern to them, including bulimia. Lady Gaga spoke on this subject, reports “The Sun” and revealed: She was so unhappy with her figure that she vomited over her food for most of her high school time. At that time she wanted to have a “thin ballerina body”. The daughter of star designer Donatella Versace, Allegra, and Richard Lugner’s friend, Anastasia “Katzi” Sokol, were also starving. Too thin. They are still fighting against the addiction to this day, with many young women in their teens and into their thirties suffering from eating-vomiting addiction. They get binge eating and then induce vomiting so that the food cannot set. Some of them also take laxatives, fast after food cravings, or exercise compulsively. Basically, bulimia patients have a low self-esteem, think they are too fat despite their normal weight and are prone to depression, explains the health magazine Onmeda.

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