Keto, fasting and Co. These diet trends will melt our pounds in 2019

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Diets are constantly being developed, including in 2019. We have summarized which trend diets are popular this year.

At the beginning of a new year, many people make the decision to lose weight and live healthier. There are tons of types of diets to do this. In 2019 there will be some trend diets again. We have put the best under the microscope for you.

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As the online health portal “” reports, most of the trend diets in 2019 will be based on proteins from fish and plants. Let yourself be inspired and find the right diet for you.

1. Diet for a healthy bowel

The US nutritionist Mindy Haar told “” that one of the trend diets for 2019 is aimed at intestinal health. In order to lose weight, many people reach out specifically probiotic foods made from fermented products, like sauerkraut and special yogurts. They ensure a healthy intestinal flora and a good metabolism. (Here you will find instructions and recipes to whip up your bowels and let the pounds melt away!)

2. Diet with vegetable proteins

Little meat and more vegetables! This trend can also be seen in diets in 2019. Products made from avocado, soy, tofu and quinoa should provide the proteinto eat healthily and lose weight.

3. Intermittent fasting

One of the hottest diet trends for 2019 is not about a specific and restrictive diet, but rather about how you approach a diet. After all, nobody should do without. One or the other treat is definitely included during a diet! Therefore, intermittent fasting is now the order of the day. This approach is easy to put into practice, with yourself Alternate phases of disciplined food intake with moments of pleasure.

4. Keto Diet

A well-known form of diet will also be traded as a trend diet in 2019: the keto diet. Mindy Haar said on “”: “Low-carb diets work and the keto diet is another variant of it”. The keto diet is based on a lot of fat and hardly any carbohydrates to lose weight and thereby promises quick success in weight loss. Certain foods such as rice or potatoes are therefore also removed from the menu.

By the way: We tried the keto diet – and it was really successful!



Low-carb experience report
How I lost five pounds in two weeks on the keto diet

Low-carb diets have been around for ages, with most of them aiming to limit the amount of carbohydrates to around 70 grams per day. However, our author thought, “Man, there are still far too many” and tried the keto diet. A maximum of 20 grams of net carbohydrates per day is allowed. You can find out what net carbohydrates are and how she felt with them here.

5. Eat intuitively

Intuitive eating is not a specific trend diet, but a wish from the US nutritionist Kathleen Meehan. To “”, Meehan expressed the hope that one day intuitive eating will make all diets superfluous.

She is critical of diets because, according to her expertise, between 80 and 95 percent of all diets fail in the long term. Diets can also be harmful to the body and lead to uncontrolled eating behavior, not to mention the infamous yo-yo effect. With intuitive eating, you consume the right amount and the right products to lose weight and then stay slim and healthy.

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