KEX Hostel in Iceland

KEX Hostel in Iceland

The first hostel we stayed on this trip to Iceland was KEX. I had already commented a little about him here on the blog, but I made a point of writing a complete post!

kex-hostel-islandia-viagem-dani-noce-e-paulo-4 Photo – Travel Channel

The decor is cute, super sophisticated. The old furniture arranged in an industrial environment makes the atmosphere more retro. Each of the 43 rooms has a different decor, super cool!

kex-hostel-islandia-viagem-dani-noce-e-paulo-5 Photo – KEX Hostel

Another thing we really like is that we can choose between smaller and more “private” rooms and the big ones that fit a lot of people.


KEX is also super known for its bar – which besides being beautiful, there are great drinks! There they call it Gatro Pub and it is even possible to make a reservation over the internet.

Their website is super complete, worth checking out. Those who enjoy hostels will love this one, as it is well located, has great service and the crowd is very good people!

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