Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?

Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?

Whether to prepare a meal, snack or sip water, we are always in the kitchen. And as small as it may be, we all have good memories related to this corner of the house. Just thinking about it makes me smell like cake, like mother’s food…
Despite the delightful feelings associated with kitchen, few people care about decoration of space. But can I say something? Some small details make all the difference for the environment to be even more cozy and charming.

Fun signs

Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?
If you intend to invest in a single piece of decoration, bet on signs! In addition to leaving the environment more stripped, they can also be used as a point of colored light.
In the case of the kitchen at the production company, for example, we created our neon / sign with the people from Company 21. “Lá vai a Dani” makes all the difference to the composition of the wall. And as nowadays several stores sell this type of product, just look for the one that best matches your home environment.


Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?
Want a decoration simple, beautiful and cockroach? So take care plants. Before buying, take a study on the Internet to understand which types are ideal for your space. It is necessary to take into account light, windows, wind circulation …
In our kitchen we chose fern, boa and ivy. In addition to being easy to care for, they end up being plants that usually adapt well to the environments in which they are placed. Just don’t forget to take good care of them, em?


Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?

Photo: Jane at home

Another simple and easy idea to put into practice are baskets, whether straw or aluminum. Enjoy the item as a “module”, placing it under the counter, sink or shelves. Inside, it is worth placing books, wooden boards or whatever your imagination tells you.
Be sure to enjoy it too organizing pots that have any design or detail. If you do not have this option, it is interesting to use glass jars or bottles of products from the market. Do a DIY and transform the face of the bowl with the help of paints and brushes ?


Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?

Photo: @ apartment_203

One of the most radical ways to change environments is to play with cores and textures. You can put some shade a little darker on one of the walls, paint the cabinets or add coatings on smooth walls.
As I think the design of hives is fun, I chose a hexagonal coating for the office kitchen and the result was incredible. White bricks are also a super cute alternative and it is relatively easy to find more affordable versions of this tile. If your accounts are tight, it’s even worth using a brick wallpaper that creates that sense of depth!


Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?

Photo: Best Pin

Every house has at least one corner that holds one or two shelves. Transform spaces into whites with the help of shelves and various decorative objects. It is valid to put plants, books, pots with spices, small tables, wooden boards, mugs … Basically, everything you want.
The only caveat in this regard is that if the shelf is installed next to the stove, for example, the chances of objects and books becoming greasy are high. If possible, avoid this corner. But, if you can’t, just wipe it with a degreaser at all times.


Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?

Photo: Skona Hem

Even though it is a detail that is often overlooked, lamps it also has the power to transform the environment. In my kitchen, I decided to give the space a more industrial touch and asked them to install the lights in apparent pipes. The electrical tubing on display shows an air of rusticity that blends perfectly with more modern spaces!
Now, if you prefer a more welcoming atmosphere, don’t think twice before installing the suspended luminaires. They are beautiful and make the environment super cozy. Oh, and in all cases, always bet on the yellow lights, also contributing to the more cozy atmosphere.

Mobile countertops

Kitchen Decoration: How to Transform the Environment?
The tip of mobile countertops it is more geared towards those who are willing to spend money. Although it is a little expensive investment, the freedom to have a bench with wheels is precious.
Because they are multifunctional, they can serve not only as support when preparing meals, but also as tables. It is almost like a mini American kitchen, with the advantage that you can choose where to place the countertop and, consequently, change the décor of the environment according to the layout of the furniture.
Did you like the tips? If you want to know my complete kitchen and have other decorating ideas, just watch this video ??

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