Knife massage: my experience in Taipei

Knife massage: my experience in Taipei

Yes, that’s what you read! On our trip to Taipei, I decided to try the traditional massage with knives. This is definitely one of the things you can’t miss if you go to Taiwan.
And for those who were frightened by the idea, rest assured! This was such a surreal experience that I only live to understand, and the massage is completely painless. I already explained a little about it in the channel video, but now I have made a more complete post about this technique for you! Check only:


Although knife massage has become popular in recent years, its origin is not at all recent. To give you an idea, the technique appeared in China more than 2,000 years ago! In the beginning it was used by Buddhist monks as an alternative to cure diseases. And after testing this massage, I really believe in its power.
The technique spread to Asia, mainly in Japan and Taiwan. As time went by, it fell into disuse in China and Japan and the only place it continued to exist was in Taiwan. So if you go to Taiwan to try this massage it’s unmissable!
Massage with knives


The magical powers of knife massage are innumerable and much is due to the fact that they are made of years. It is believed that the metal of the utensil has the power to take out the bad energies. I was able, for example, to feel the vibration of the knives. It was like my body completely relaxed and I literally meditate during the massage!
As curious as it may seem, massages with knives can help to improve the quality of your sleep, increase metabolism, help with fat loss and blood circulation. And, of course, the greatest benefit of massage is that it provides you with muscle pain relief, mainly by relieving body tension.

Massage with knives


The place where I did the massage was Light Project Ximending, with Olivia Wu. As soon as you enter the place, you already have a whole relaxing mood, from meditation music to the scent of essential oils. All collaborating for an even better experience. As Taipei is a busy city, having a place like this in the city makes all the difference. It was undoubtedly the best form to start the day!
The session lasts about 70 minutes and starts with a ‘exercise of the universe’. In this first part, Olivia guided me in a series of movements to be done holding a pair of sticks called Qian Kun. From what I understand, the purpose is to align the body with the energies of the universe.
Then, you lie on the massage table and are covered with towels that will absorb the impact of the knives. And this is the secret not to feel pain. The process took about an hour and was just incredible. After the massage the body is more light and super relaxed!

Massage with knives


Have you heard of I Ching? It is a Chinese book that many believe can explain everything. In China and East Asia it was the most consulted of all books and, in the West, it is the most popular Chinese book.
This book has an enormous amount of writings and practices and, consequently, a multitude of interpretations. The most interesting thing, however, is that the texts are in Constant change, since most of the crucial words of the I Ching have no fixed meaning.
Olivia used the I Ching to base herself on a specific part of the massage ritual. First she used a wooden board with circles, symbols and a compass in the center called Luo Pan. This instrument works as a GPS for the soul. When accessing this information, the problems and imbalances in her life become apparent and, once Olivia discovers these problems, she can make the massage with knives serve as medicine, restoring her balance.
Is that you? I would have the courage to make a massage with knives? I highly recommend this technique and wish you to have this experience at least once in your life.

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