Knit cropped with Floral Skirt and Pois

Knit cropped with Floral Skirt and Pois

Our third day in LA was very hot and super busy. We had some meetings at Tastemade and after lunch at LA Farm, which I will soon post here for you, we went running to enjoy the end of the day to buy some props to use in the videos and photos on the website.
Of course, I still had my booties on and yes, I was hot because of that, but I didn’t let that shake me and I dressed up the same way as if it were any other day. It is not because I have the bootie that I will already put the second foot in the jackfruit and leave the house disheveled, right my people? hehehehe.
For those who follow the channel, this ultra cute skirt, which looks like a flowered tablecloth print from those old plastic ones, was featured in my favorites of the month and you will see that I also use it again but in another color.

As you can see, it is a high waisted skirt, round and with a perfect fit. I am in love when the pieces flow through the body. I don’t like anything too fair and not that it squeezes me too much.
The white knit cropped you must have seen me wearing it a few times and I think I will continue with this love for it until it disappears in a washing machine. Just kidding, I wash it by hand kkkkk.
The sandal I don’t show very well here because I thought it would be very funny to have a photo with only one foot, but it is silver leather, very minimalist and with some stones covering the top of the foot.
The royal blue purse is also on my list of favorites of the month and she was a hand on the trip. Everything I needed to take fit, and for those who travel a lot, they know that as soon as we set foot on the street, the desire to return to the hotel and pick up anything is nil, since we want to make the most of our time in the chosen city for sightseeing, right? So, a bag that fits everything you will need throughout the day is super important. And this one also comes with a feature (which I LOVE): the advantage of having two distinct and well separated parts, so I was able to leave makeup and bathroom stuff on one side and the other, calendar, cell phone, cards and everything else.
I loved this super simple look from day 3 in LA and it certainly helped me to stay cooler and happier all day.
Did you like it too?
Floral skirt | Antix
Harvested knitting | Marcia mello
Purse | Kate Spade
Sandal | Arezzo
dani -ueta-tastemade-viagem-la-1o PHOTOS: Paulo Cuenca | @paulocuenca

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