Knitting dress for the cold weather

Knitting dress for the cold weather

You know very well how much I love being comfortable on trips, right? Even though I love jeans and a T-shirt, there are some days that I want to get more produced – and the second day of travel to Seattle was one of them. The best part is that I didn’t even have to give up a comfy and warm look to get the result I wanted!
For me, the piece that made everything work so well was wearing the knitted jacket as a dress. The fabric made all the difference so that I felt good, comfortable and with a more street footprint that I love to use! His modeling is overssized and that’s why I could use it with thicker tights – which I love!
For the look not to be all black, I chose this beautiful piece from Ju Jabour with stripes in primary colors – these vibrant tones made the production much more alive. I even managed to take the opportunity to wear a red lipstick ?
The black and blue bucket bag is also from Ju Jabour and perfectly matched the look I wanted. This model is more stripped down, perfect for traveling because it can be worn on one shoulder as well as crosswise; very practical!
On my feet, I bet on a different shoe. In addition to being varnished and having a medium buckle, the sole is taller and has a rope finish. I fell in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them – yeah cool and yet very versatile!
Did you like the neatest look I wore on the second day in Seattle? I’m already wanting to repeat this production with touches of soft gothic, haha ​​?

  1. Purse and dress | Ju Jabour
  2. Knitting collar | All Saints
  3. Glasses | Colcci
  4. Sock | Wolford
  5. Shoe | Inbox
  6. Jewels | Julia Blini

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