Knives: are yours ready?

Knives: are yours ready?

A knife is for a cook as well as scissors for a hairdresser. Or … How a fouet is for us; D
For the first two, the main working tool must always be impeccable. In the case of the cook, well-sharpened knives are essential. But between us: who can handle cutting an apple with a blunt knife? In addition to being terrible, the risks of having an accident are very high.
So this secret is for you who are already experts in cooking (it is always good to learn a little more), and for you who like to cook. To start, it is important that the knife to be used has comfortable handles and, preferably, that are not smooth. This will facilitate the handling of the instrument.
What to do to sharpen a knife correctly?
There are several options; these are the best and best known:

  1. With a special stone. It should be like a brick and have two parts, one thicker and the other thinner. The thicker side serves to sharpen the knives; the finer (less abrasive) is to improve the yarn. There are also specific stones for each function, it will depend on the store you are going to buy in. The stone must be wet. Position the knife at a 45 ° angle, with the cut part against the thick side of the stone and carefully slide it as if you were going to scrape the surface. Press the blade and repeat the operation about 25 times. Then do the same with the other side of the blade. Turn the stone to the thin side and repeat the movements. This will form the knife edge. Finally, pass it over a leather belt, so that the blade is not serrated.
  2. The knife is used to increase the knife edge. It is a long, thin stainless steel instrument, like a stick. To have a knife with a sharp edge, the ideal is to use the knife before and after use. Hold the flame in one hand and, with the other, position the knife at an angle of 20 °, more or less. Go down with it until the end and repeat on the other side, until you are sure that the instrument is ready.
  3. If you find it dangerous to sharpen your knives with the above methods, don’t worry. There are devices starting at nine dollars that do the job for you. The only task is to hold the knife. This is the case of Edgeware Edge Grip, a portable knife sharpener. It fits in the palm of your hand and can be supported on the kitchen counter. Easy, right? There are more sophisticated ones, and the more functions, the higher the price.

The time it will take to sharpen again depends on how much you use the knife. Taking care of the instruments is very important. Wash the knives by hand and store somewhere where they will not be in contact with objects that could damage the wire. And especially away from children!
Here goes a video that explains exactly how to sharpen a knife with the stone until it cuts a paper as if it were butter:

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