Know the Main Types of Forms and Baking Pans

Know the Main Types of Forms and Baking Pans

Good kitchen utensils and accessories are essential so that sweets and snacks are prepared in the best possible way. Personnel most closely connected to confectionery, for example, must have at least two 21cm round shapes. Who follows the revenue here on the site you will understand why!
type of form and baking sheet has properties that differentiate them. As such, they must be used according to the functions for which they were created. We generally follow only our intuition, in addition to the numerous tutorials on the internet. Therefore, we will clarify for you the real differences between these products. Curious?


Know the Main Types of Forms and Baking Pans

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One of the main advantages of a good aluminum roasting pan is durability. After all, many of you must have at home that good shape that passes from generation to generation by the family. In addition, the versatility of aluminum baking sheets is ideal for anyone looking to make a unique investment. It’s cool to even buy those sets with different sizes, you know?
Oh, and they are also well known for heating up and cooling down quickly. The good thing about this is that your dough will not continue baking after being removed from the oven, as with ceramic baking sheets.
Within this group there are also roasting pans with removable bottom and nonstick. Both are super practical and make it easy to unmold the dessert.


Know the Main Types of Forms and Baking Pans

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As we mentioned briefly in the previous topic, ceramic roasting pans have a greater ability to retain heat. That is, even if you take it out of the oven, the food inside will continue to cook.
In such cases, the ideal is for the pan to come out of the oven before the final cooking time of the dish. So be careful not to let anything burn! In the case of savory dishes, it is great for keeping food warm longer ?


Know the Main Types of Forms and Baking Pans

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Even though it is more used in the preparation of snacks, we could not fail to talk about the glass baking sheets. Like the ceramic ones, the heat is distributed more evenly by the shape, in addition to being retained for a longer time. Pies, lasagna and french fries are delicious when baked in the form of glass.


Know the Main Types of Forms and Baking Pans

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Made of malleable material and resistant to high temperatures, silicone shapes they are perfect for recipes like puddings, cakes, cupcakes and other more delicate pastries. Just like the traditional form, they exist in different shapes and sizes, even found in different colors.
Because it is made with a non-stick material, it is unlikely that the candy will stick to the sides and bottom of the utensil. Just be careful when taking the pan to the oven, always placing an aluminum pan underneath!
Now we want to know about you: who has a favorite baking dish there?

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