know the typical dishes of the region!
Know the typical dishes of the region

know the typical dishes of the region!

When we get to know a new place, it is super important to be open to try the local flavors, isn’t it? Paulo and I did not give up regional food on any trip and we are almost always positively surprised!

Photo – DO Oli de Mallorca

As you may have noticed in vlogs, Mallorca was no different! We eat a lot of typical Mallorcan dishes and love most of them. For those who want to know the region, we decided to make a selection of what we found most delicious on the island! Are you ready?

Snack: Sobrasada


Photo – Spanish Food World

Paulo was completely insane by this super creamy sausage! In Mallorca, you will find this delight in every corner: from the hotel’s breakfast to dinner snacks. Sobrasada is a very tasty pork sausage. It is usually seasoned with salt, black pepper and peppers and that is why the taste is so striking and intense.

If you are not a vegetarian and love good snacks, it is worth experimenting with one, also traditional, Pa amb Oli ? There is also the option of grilling the sobrasada on a roll and finishing the recipe with honey. Can you imagine the taste of it?

Typical dish: Fried Mallorquin


Photo – María José (Directly to the Palate)

One of the best known foods in Mallorca is Frito Mallorquín – a dish with kids (liver, lungs and heart). I know that not everyone likes this type of food, but the dish is very well seasoned and the mixture with potatoes, peppers and garlic makes everything more harmonious.

Vegetarian meadow: Tumbet


Photo – IBS Sano

Were you missing a vegetarian dish? Tumbet is the best known option in the region and it does not disappoint! The dish comes in layers and even resembles a lasagna. Potatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, peppers and tomatoes are the basic ingredients of the traditional recipe.

Desktop: Gató Mallorquín


Photo – I have an oven and I know how to use it

It is logical that we could not stop talking about sweets, right? This almond cake is very wet and is perfect when it is also accompanied by an ice cream. Do you know those sweets that give a warmth to the soul? Yeah, you can bet this is one of them ?

Ingredients and products abound in Mallorca


Picture – Passaportea.iberostar

If I were to mention all the typical dishes we liked on the island, the post would be huge! So, to complete this selection, I decided to talk about the typical ingredients of Mallorca and that will definitely make a difference in local dishes.
First, I think it’s worth mentioning the ramallet tomatoes! They always appear on the table and it is worth trying the most different preparations, see?

Picture – Peter Bagi

Those who watched the vlogs must also remember the olive typical of the island that we have commented on several times. The ingredient is more bitter than we imagined, but Paulo and I love it!
As olive trees are everywhere, it is clear that Mallorcan olive oils are also delicious ?

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