Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Most of you already know that each type of fruit has a better time to be consumed, right? Some of them are born throughout the year, but others are especially delicious when planted and harvested in a certain season.
As the summer asks for dishes with more freshness and lightness, the fruits end up gaining an even greater prominence in the first months of the year. Thinking about it, I made a selection with the seasonal fruits. They will have the perfect flavor to be eaten fresh or as an ingredient in a more elaborate dish ?


Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Kelly Sikkema

A super versatile fruit and source of vitamins A, C and E: the avocado! There are those who consume it with sugar, as well as those who prefer it in savory dishes. This is one of the best times of the year to consume avocado, which will always be fresh on stalls and in the market.
Even though it is very caloric, the benefits of the fruit diminish the importance of the negative aspects. Oh, and here on the website we already teach recipes for guacamole, vegan truffle and even a chocolate mousse. For the hottest days, bet on a super refreshing avocado popsicle.

Foreign plum

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Maria Siriano

Rich in antioxidants and fibers, the plum is the ideal type of fruit to enjoy in the afternoon or before practicing any sport. It is worth mentioning that this is a good time to buy your international variety, which is usually sold between December and May. The national plum is most consumed between November and January, so be careful not to buy it wrong!

Green coconut

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Gerson Repreza

Coconuts are the face of summer. After all, it’s practically impossible to go to the beach and come back without drinking coconut water, right? For those who want to stay hydrated and, as a bonus, absorb some nutrients, the drink is perfect! Coconut pulp is a little more greasy, but it is a great source of fiber, in addition to having a good glycemic index.


Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Matthias Heil

How about an ice cream with a roasted fig right next to it? The contrast between the two flavors is incredible and is a super simple recipe. From December to March the fruit is even more fresh and tasty. So, don’t miss the chance to consume it in these months ?


Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Alexander Mils

Our beloved raspberry! I confess that I end up buying this fruit regularly, especially when I make some dessert with berries. However, the best season to buy it is the summer.
In addition to making the desserts beautiful, raspberries are rich in vitamin C. That is, they are great for our immune system. Want some recipe ideas with the fruit? Take a look at these options: naked coconut cake with raspberry cream, natural gelatin and jam.


Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Arinarin

With a super characteristic flavor, guava is as versatile as avocado. It is usually used as guava, but the fruit itself also yields delicious sweets. If you want to get an idea of ​​how to use it in a dessert recipe, just click here.
Oh, and if you’re wondering what the fruit’s good points are, some of them are the improvement of cardiovascular health and the immune system, and anti-inflammatory / antibacterial properties.


Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Food Revolution

Vegetarians and vegans consume a lot of jackfruit, but you don’t need to be part of this group to enjoy the fruit. It can be made salty, as what people call “jackfruit meat”, or sweetly, yielding a delicious jam.
I know that this fruit is a little difficult to handle and not every place sells it, but it is worth a try. For those who do not know, it is rich in nutrients such as iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Pear Orange

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Monika Grabkowska

I believe that one of the fruits most consumed by us, Brazilians, is orange. The fruit is super refreshing and can turn into desserts to make anyone’s mouth water. It has a high concentration of vitamin C, known mainly for improving immunity and reducing stress.
The differential of the pear orange is its sweetness and very juicy interior. It is also less acidic and slightly smaller than the others! Clicking here you will find a list with 10 incredible desserts that use the fruit!


Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Dane Deaner

Who there loves more citrus fruits? I don’t know about you, but I love more sour tastes. In the case of lemon, the best time to consume it is, without a doubt, between December and April, coinciding mainly with summer.
Desserts with a more citrus flavor are also always welcome, especially when lemon is the source of the sourest flavor. The variety of sweets is endless, so many people end up wondering what to do with the fruit. For that reason, I suggest you check out this list of 10 infallible recipes with lemon (including tahiti!).

National apple

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Joanna Nix

Another super common fruit that yields delicious desserts. Apples are great for the digestive system when eaten in their skins, in addition to reducing bad cholesterol and preventing premature aging. Oh, and it is also a good snack to eat in the morning or in the afternoon.
As well as lemon and orange, we have already made several apple recipes, all available on the website. If you want to see what they are, click here.

Papaya Hawaii

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Charles Deluvio

Papaya is sold throughout the year, but the season when it is most fresh is between the first months of the year. Because it is rich in vitamin C and A, it is ideal for the immune system and health of the skin, hair and nails. I already taught you how to make papaya cream and papaya brulée. In the recipes I used papaya, but they can substitute for hawaii without fear!

National Pear

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Dose Juice

Despite being a fruit with a very mild flavor, the pear is wonderful for controlling pressure, as well as strengthening bones and the immune system. As it is very neutral, it can adapt very well to different types of recipes, such as the pear tartin pie and the chocolate cake with caramelized pear.

Foreign peach

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: LuAnn Hunt

Peach recipes always make my mouth water. The fruit is super sweet and helps to compose very complex flavors in sweets when used creatively. I shared with you a delicious recipe for peach pie and also one for s’mores. It’s worth taking a look at them!

Ruby Grape and Italy

Know What Summer Fruits Are!

Photo: Jerry Wang

Grapes are not usually a fruit we think of when it comes to sweets, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t yield delicious desserts. Grape ice cream, for example, is a super refreshing candy and goes really well on very hot days. Like apples, it is also a great snack option, especially for eating in the afternoon.
Did you like to know what are the best fruits to eat in the summer? To see the full seasonality table, just click here ?

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