Knowing the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei

Knowing the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei

After having good experiences different in Taiwan, like doing a massage with knives, we decided to visit a restaurant that was totally out of the ordinary. The concept of Modern bathroom restaurant it was thought from the decoration to the menu. And all with a very curious theme: bathrooms.
Modern bathroom
But wait! If you think that bathrooms and food are things that don’t come together, this place is proof that this combination worked very well. At first we were very surprised and I confess that I was a little disgusted by eat in a container shaped like private. However, the experience ends up being very Fun.


Modern bathroom
Despite appearing to be a recent fashion, this restaurant has existed since 2004 with the same concept. The only difference is that in the beginning they sold just ice cream in these toilet bowls. And it is obvious that when it came about, the restaurant and its funny design caught the attention of many people.
In recent years, with the growth of the business, owners have started to refine old ideas. And they decided to make a themed restaurant full, selling meals It is like traditional desserts. With all the success of the restaurant, the brand has expanded and even created other units throughout the Republic of China!


Modern bathroom
This, of course, is the kind of place that today is known as “Instagramable”. The decor of the restaurant is incredible, with all the pieces designed according to the context and purpose of the restaurant. The toilet seats arranged in the lounge have different prints and designs, not to mention presentation of dishes which also follows the same theme as the place. We even show with more details all this in a video on the channel ?
Right at the entrance, you accompany a Wallpaper explaining the evolution of the human being making his needs in pots … Very curious, I would say. And if you really like the idea of ​​using bathroom-themed decor items, toilets, poops and the like, there’s also a Shop inside the restaurant you can buy these gifts.


Modern bathroom
Arriving at the location you choose a table and your toilet decorated to sit. Orders are placed on a sheet. You even mark what you want to order and take it to the cashier to pay. They have several options in the menu (and guess what, it is also in a toilet format), but only two plates vegetarian! The interesting thing is that all dishes can be served in a mini toilet or in a sink.
The vegetarian dish I chose was “Mushroom Spaghetti with Cream Sauce”, Which was like a noodles spicy with mushrooms. Paulo chose “Chicken cury for modern bathroom”And also had a beer in a urinal. Yes, that’s what you read.
Modern bathroom
We also ate some appetizers as a portion of mozzarella stick. And also a savory bread with sauce, which is called “Modern Toilet Bread”. For desserts, we taste the “Swirly Poop Ice Cream”- a little pot with chocolate ice cream and some surprises simulating the poop shape. And also the “Scraping snow with mango”, An ice cream card that is known as Shaved ice cream and very famous in Taiwan. Which one would you ask for?


Modern bathroom
The Modern Toilet is considered a Fast-Food restaurant, since the dishes arrived quickly and the service is very agile. As for prices, we spend around 40 dollars for two people, including drinks and desserts. A great advantage of this restaurant is that the attendants speak English, which facilitates MUCH the life of the tourist who is visiting Asia!
If you want to know more about our experience and all our grades for decoration, food and service, watch the video we made especially about this unusual restaurant and also tell us what you think most curious!

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