Komborgânica – Organic Food on the Move

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New for the crowd that likes organic products! THE Komborgânica, a kombi with organic food that parked at several points of Sao Paulo, became a greengrocer located in the São Paulo neighborhood, Pompeii with the help of a crowdfunding. The place has got fruits and vegetables like orange (R $ 6.50, a kilo), lettuce (R $ 4.50, a unit), zucchini (R $ 10, a kilo) and Italian tomatoes (R $ 12, a kilo).

The project started in 2015 with the savings of two couples, seeking facilitate access to certified organic products. after all we know that there is a greater difficulty in finding products of this type.

But for those who liked the idea of ​​a van transporting organics there is good news! The komborgânica will continue to circulate. The grocer’s objective is to improve the capacity to purchase and negotiate pricing and to be able to transform ingredients that would be wasted.

komborganica-organic-food-in-motion-julia-sardenberg-at-fair-communication-open-kombi-with-food-ickfdSource: At the Communication Fair

The greengrocer is in the CaZa +, collaborative space, with café-gallery, coworking, and space for events and workshops.

Address: Komborgânica greengrocer. R. Coronel Melo de Oliveira, 1,121, Pompéia. Mon to Sat, from 9am to 2pm

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