Kopi Luwak: The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Kopi Luwak: The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

The most expensive coffee in the world is produced from faeces. That’s right you read. Called Kopi Luwak, this type of coffee is produced in Indonesia and is taken from the feces of a pet called civet. Quite peculiar.
The animal, which is from the same family as the cats, eats coffee and also other berries from the region where it lives. The foods in his diet, along with coffee, are fermented by the digestive system, which releases acids and enzymes essential for the transformation of the grain. Then, the beans are eliminated in that way that everyone knows – with the notorious number 2. That is, literally a “
poop coffee“or”shit coffee”, As they say.
And do you know how much this product costs?
A kilo is worth between R $ 1,200 to R $ 1,600. All of that. But before discussing the value, let’s understand a little about the value added to the product and where this whole pyre came from.


Kopi Luwak: The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

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As far as is known, the decisionthe apto use the coffee beans from the stools of the civet came from a need of the Indonesian residents around the 18th century. What happened there was the following: the Dutch, knowing the potential for soil fertility in the region, took seedlings of the fruit to start producing coffee there.
As it was an expensive product, they forbade Indonesians to consume the grain, even though they were responsible for producing the food. And what was the residents’ solution? Well, use the coffee beans that appeared in the stools of civets.
At that time, the animals were loose and ate the best coffee fruits, in addition to other fruits that were also part of their diet. The most interesting thing is that this combination of fruits, together with the fermentation of coffee inside the bug, makes the product stay
less acid it’s common more velvety flavor. Hence all the success.
Dutch, who are not silly, started to market the “shit” grain as soon as they discovered the process made by the Indonesians. And since then, Kopi Luwak has been sold and known for its eccentricity. Before reaching the consumers the grain is washed, processed, roasted and everything, but it is still very strange to think where it came from.


Kopi Luwak: The Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Photo: Estela Shaddix

At first, this type of coffee was extremely rare because it depended on the goodwill of the Luwaks / civets to eat the fruits and also on the “hunting” of feces. In addition, production was done in low scale, making the product even more expensive. Prices reached R $ 5,000!
Now, however, farms and other spaces imprison animals to increase the production of this coffee. In addition to being in cages, pets receive only the fruit of coffee as food, leaving their diet poor and incomplete. Basically, animals started to live as a result of this captivity industry.
Nowadays it is practically impossible to know if the Kopi Luwak sold is from a free animal or from those trapped in cages, slaves of exploration tourism. For us, as ethical people, it makes no sense to consume products from a pet that is being mistreated. So we are not going to share with you our perceptions about the taste of this coffee because we don’t even drink it.
And although production has increased, it remains a rare coffee and is still one of the most expensive in the world. But at what price, isn’t it?
What do you think about it? Here in Brazil we have a very similar coffee production, called Jacu. In place of the civet, it is a bird responsible for the grain. Did you know that?

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